’s 7th birthday on Second Life!

Article published on Feb. 4, 2008
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Article published on Feb. 4, 2008
Last Friday we celebrated our 7th birthday with the inauguration of our Vol de Langage, Eurogeneration photo exhibition on Second Life. Have a look at impressions of the exhibition and us being in Second Life!

capture 2 This is a screen shot of Second Life during the event. Each user chooses an avator who represents him in Second Life. Here we are standing in front of the presented photographs of our Second Life art gallery, featuring young Europeans. Donato di Bello, a renowned Italian artist working for Gucci, Pirelli and Ferrari, has shot a series of unique photographs. His artwork Vol de language illustrates the mobility and freedom of this new generation of Europeans: the Eurogeneration.

Adriano and Alex Here you see Adriano and Alex during the event: and the photographs have been presented to our guests in Second Life.

capture 1 Another impression of Second Life.

capture 3 The avators can communicate with each other, even speeches can be hold in Second Life. But we won’t stop here: With the inauguration on 1 February, we are starting an imaginary re-travel of the European construction and enlargement. We presented the first 6 photos as everything started with 6 States in 1957. It is a way to say that this brand new generation of Babelians at the same time assumes and reinvent the history of the EU.

This is the schedule of our next presentations:

On 7th Feb we will present 3 more pictures (standing for the enlargement in 1973 - Danemark, UK and Ireland) On 11th Feb - 1 more (1981 - Greece), On 15th Feb - 2 more (1986 - Spain, Portugal), On 18th Feb - 3 more (1995 - Sweden, Austria, Finland), On 22nd Feb - 10 more (2004 - Poland, Czech rep, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus), On 28th Feb - (2007 - Bulgaria, Romania), the last 2.

Monika Here is Monika during the Second Life event. At the same time during this timeline we will present, here on Coffee Factory the exposed pictures + an interview to Donato Di Bello and exclusive backstage pictures. So have a look very soon on coffeefactory!

Francseca Here you see Francesca, our Italian editor, attending the Second Life event.

Come to Second Life and join this unique photo exhibition on Avalon Island.

Participation is free and the exhibition is open for visitors until the end of February. Click here to download the computer program 'Second Life'.

Many thanks to Ana Alves, who is hosting the event on behalf of the Babel Project.