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Article published on May 5, 2008
Article published on May 5, 2008
Spankier, extra interactive and resolutely multilingual, check out the making of the new face of on coffeefactory, the editoral blog! Discover the ‘babelmix’ feature Why stick to a translation when you can read an article in its original language version? As well as the six language versions available, the new cafebabel.
com website has also enabled its audience to read in ‘babelmix’ - a technical innovation allowing all registered users (registration is free), to compose their own language cocktail and read in the language they speak.

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New homepage design values professional citizen journalism: Thanks to a new ‘tag’ (keyword) system, the ergonomy of the new website has dramatically increased. You can now access all contents of – be it magazine, the blogs, the forums or its comments - in one click!

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