teams up with German TV channel ZDF on ‘Europa plus’

Article published on Sept. 13, 2011
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Article published on Sept. 13, 2011
Send your videos and comments and take the chance to be on air every Thursday at 20:45 on German TV channel ZDF

Europa plus, cafebabel in partnership with ZDF Do you have things to say but nowhere to say it? Ever wished you could have your fifteen seconds of fame on the small screen? Watch this space – is teaming up with German TV channel ZDF on their weekly programme ‘Europaplus’.


Every Thursday at 20.45 Europaplus will be covering a different theme – and we’re looking for your views to spice up the programme! Did 11 September ultimately change Europe – or was terrorism already a reality for Europeans? Should we be introducing a European police force? And how far does and should European solidarity go?


Dying to get involved? (You should be!) Go to to add your comments and video comments on this week’s theme. Gentle warning to politics students: no need for essays here, a couple of sentences or a thirty second video will do just fine. We’re running in three languages at the moment – French, English and German, but we’re still looking forward to your thoughts and opinions from all over Europe!

The videos aren’t complicated at all: just film yourself with an iphone or webcam and upload it onto youtube. If you don’t have a youtube channel, just drop me a line on and I’ll let you know how to upload it on to’s channel.

Watch Athens member Georgios Kokkolis’ video and Italian editor Nicola Accardo’s comment on last week’s episode here. ( crops up about ten minutes in – but we’re working on babelising more of the programme!) Athens member Georgios Kokkolis Our own Georgios Kokkolis on Europaplus last week - your turn next time?


And as a belated introduction – I’m Annie, I’ve moved from Edinburgh to Paris to work on EuropaPlus for the next six months. So I’ll be getting in contact each week to find out what you think about our latest theme. Looking forward to get know you guys!

Now what?

This week’s theme is European borders: The European border protection agency Frontex is being given more power and more money. Will this mean a lock-down for European borders? Do we want a European border protection troop? The programme goes live on Thursday, so send us your comments now!