on the radio, at the program "Objetivo Bruselas"

Article published on April 1, 2010
Article published on April 1, 2010
Last Tuesday I was invited to “Objetivo Bruselas”, a programme hosted by “Radio Alma”, a Spanish radio in Brussels. I was invited to speak about and the work I do organizing events and debates in Brussels.

“Objetivo Bruselas” is led by Alberto Pascual and Jorge Gutiérrez, two Spanish guys with the aim of bringing together Spanish speakers and help those who need advices on the Belgian capital (and don’t know where else to ask). The main idea of the programme is to help all those freshly arrived in Brussels and become what they call the "Survival Guide for the Newcomer."

Providing information about everything around Brussels, areas of interest, music groups, the companies that surround us, Alberto and Jorge make Brussels more attractive and encourage you to discover the city.

In the interview I talked about the birth of the magazine, the mission and goals of cafebabel’s project. I also told them about the events I have organized in Brussels, and how to contact us.

Actually they were also interested in my personal experience and what brought me to Brussels, so I couldn’t say anything else than how happy I am to be here!

Brussels is not only a beautiful city with many things to discover and a thousand things to do, but I have met so many great people that just this is worth regretting the sun and heat of Malaga!

If you want to listen to the interview (in Spanish), click here.

See you in place Luxembourg on Thursday!