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Article published on Oct. 9, 2008
Article published on Oct. 9, 2008
Today we head to our friends from Budapest, Paris, Prague, Sofia, Seville and Athens, Tallinn and Vilnius! Life of the local teams: Get some insights! Budapest and Prague Babel Ackademy participation of Csilla made fruits in local team life in Budapest. Our Budapest team is looking for an intern in order to mobilize young people in the city – check out the announcement poster here!

Prague has recruited during summer two new members –the team will therefore start freshly into the autumn.

Seville and Athens

The Seville team is lacking for members and is therefore looking for people to join the team – so if you know anyone in Seville, who’d like to join the team, let them know!

Our Athens team is trying to recruit new members with the help of the General Secretariat for Youth (responsible department of the Ministry of National Education), we’ll keep you posted how it worked out!

Sofia and Paris

The Sofia team is now growing strongly: they are now having 4 people, who are very active and the team won’t stop here: right now they are also preparing a recruitment announcement.

And the Paris team will have tonight a recruitment party - so far over 20 people have been interested in exploring the team!

Editorial activities: Check out the city blogs!

The Budapest team is heading off with an article in the Budapest city blog about the background of the current Hungarian-Slovakian 'conflict'.

Prague and Sofia want to create cityblogs – so congratulation to both teams for taking this step! You too you wanna start a babelblog? click here!

And it won’t stop here!

Budapest is going to participate in the EUdebate project and is looking for bloggers. Tallinn and Vilnius are looking for local team partners for

Tallinn is also going to launch the first EU-Debate on the ground (former called EUCampaign on the ground) from October 23-26 2008! Ole is proposing you therefore a very interesting project.

Our Praha team is having a content providing partnership with and the Sofia team is also getting reading to start partnerships: and are meeting with the Association for European Partnerships.