, ‘intercultural innovation’ prize-winner thanks to UN Alliance of Civilisation and BMW group

Article published on Jan. 12, 2012
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Article published on Jan. 12, 2012
Doha_Spider.jpgOn the occasion of the fourth United Nation Alliance of Civilizations Forum in Doha, Qatar, the European online magazine was awarded the third prize for its outstanding contribution to intercultural journalism.

Doha_Convention_Center_outside.jpgPictured above: the interior and exterior of the Doha convention centre

The magazine, which is legally listed in France as an NGO, won the prestigious gong for its annual flagship feature reports project, ‘Europe on the ground’. The pan-European programme was selected out of 400 projects from 70 countries for this award. For ‘Europe on the ground’ sends every year 50 to 80 young European or Europe-residing journalists of different nationalities ‘on the ground’ to report on the contemporary realities we experience in Europe.

Doha_group_picture.jpgAlexandre Heully of, fourth from left, joins the other prizewinners and Jorge Sampaio

In the presence of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, three prominent personalities handed Alexandre Heully, co-founder and executive director of, the award: former journalist Princess Rym Ali of Jordan, Jorge Sampaio, the former President of Portugal and High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, and Konstanze Carreras, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of BMW Group.

Watch Princess Rym of Jordan award 'third prize' of the intercultural innovation award to 'Europe on the ground' for, and see Alexandre Heully's speech here (scroll to minute 24:44)

Princess Rym of Jordan declared: ‘As an intercultural media, contributes to a better understanding between different cultures’. Of her acting role as ‘Godmother’ to in 2012, she added that she would be working to ‘intensify links between European journalists from and journalists from the Jordan Media Institute’.

Princess_Rym_and_Alexandre_Heully_doha.JPG During the ceremony, Alexandre Heully, co-founder and executive director declared: ‘After ten years of existence, this award from the United Nations is global recognition for’s activity as a participatory media, edited by professional journalists in Paris and relying on the contributions of volunteers from all across Europe’. The 5, 000 dollar prize will be used to ‘expand network of contributors and to develop a new internet platform’.

In addition to the cash prize, Alexandre Heully will be invited to join the World Intercultural Facility for Innovation group. WIFI is a platform for winners to connect with potential donors and mentors and among themselves.

Created in 2001 in Strasbourg, France, by a handful of European students, is the first European online magazine, made by young people, for young people. Entirely translated in six languages - French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish - publishes articles related to cultural, political and social issues from a pan-European perspective. ‘EOTG’ has evolved in its five years of existence as an annual ‘reporting’ mission, with each year bringing it a new editorial flavour:

EUdebate (2009) focused on the European electionsEU Crisis on the ground (2010) took its lead from the economic downturnGreen Europe on the ground (2011) published articles centred on a more environmentally-friendly conscious continentMultikulti on the ground has kicked off for 2012 – keep reading us in 2012 for more!


Alexandre Heully, executive director, co-founder