blogs: Brussels base for European geek girls

Article published on March 29, 2011
Article published on March 29, 2011
They are lobbyists, consultants, functionaires, geeks of every age and industry who work in the European bubble. They buzz around the same bubble but never meet. When they do, the meeting is not an occasion for small talk, but for networking

Acording to two of the founders, Europasionaria and Lobby Planet, it’s important to support each other in a European environment dominated by men. This band of EU girl geeks is more like a blog network of girls who talk in their own manner about European affairs. These bloggers talk about politics with confidence and originality. These women acknowledge that feminine political blogs are rare, but that they are among most influential blogs..

Read the full post 'EU girl geeks, a web 2.0 network of Europeans'on the official blog from Brussels (by Aurélie Feller, translated by Iulia Bunea)

Image: main (cc) Laura Mary/ Flickr