Cafebabel Call for articles CULTURE February 2008

Article published on Jan. 15, 2008
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Article published on Jan. 15, 2008
Babelians, come and find out what 2008 February’s CULTURE section will be about! To write or to propose different subjects for cafebabel’s CULTURE section you simply need to be a member of our community. Nothing easier: go on the homepage just click on the red button “participate!” in the upper right to find out more about the conditions of being a writer for

If you’re interested in one of the topics below, do not hesitate to contact our cultural editor Katharina at We’re looking forward to reading you in 7 languages!


a. Make arts from city dust: Romanian artist Nicolae Comanescu

b. Monsieur Chat: European tagging

c. Interview with young Paris architecture photographer

d. Eboy design: German-Norwegian pixelcity artists in Berlin

e. Lokstoff: when theatre discovers the city (author: Yvonne Pöppelbaum)

f. Photo-gallery: arts and the city

Monsieur Chat 2. Cultural Agenda for January

3. Literature Agenda for February

4. Culture projects panorama: “European Year of intercultural dialogue”

5. Sweet & Tender: European art project

6. Torino: World Capital of Design 2008

7. Film: Bianco e Nero - discrimination in European film business?

8. Beatles’ song as archi project in Stavanger (cultural capitals 2008)

9. Tokio Hotel phenomenon swaps Europe (author: Yvonne Pöppelbaum)

10. Expo “C’est notre histoire” + debate with Simone Veil (author: Graziella JOST)

11. Italian photographers without limits (author: Valeria Ibello)

12. Hong-Kong animation in Europe (author: Inga Pietrusinska)

13. “Tower of Babel” idies out without your help! THIS LANGUAGE SECTION REALLY NEEDS AUTHORS! I look forward to recieving your proposals and ideas. Think of any strange expression in your country and look up its origin, compare idiomatic expressions in the babelian languages, explain why a film title has been translated in a very bad way. Everything around you could be a Tower of Babel! Do not hesitate to contact me if you need help or hints! WE ARE THERE TO HELP YOU.

Katharina Kloss