Budapest on the ground: Eurogeneration on the move

Article published on April 27, 2008
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Article published on April 27, 2008
Last week, four journalists, one photographer and me, beeing in charge of this project, discovered Budapest on the ground, successfully hosted by our Budapest team. The first meeting between the participants and our hosts is in a restaurant in the city center: Who are the babelians from Budapest actually?
Three of us arrived together at the restaurant, we see a guy in the inside who is looking at us for a few seconds and then immediately joining us at the front door: “Yeah, you are from the team?” is he asking us. “Sure” are we nodding, and soon our photographer Gonzalo from Spain joins us – he has been quite sure that we are the babelians too.

budapest_4 Actually it is very easy to recognize on the ground journalists from – talking several languages at once in order to communicate, being part of this eurogeneration who in living Europe in their daily life, we are quickly introduced to new people and always looking forward to discover other Europeans. It’s a way of life actually and we all share our passion about this unique magazine – how different we might be, whatever we are doing in our lives or how different our political views are.

Budapest_2 Here we are late at night in order to exchange our impressions and discussing life in Budapest with the local team members.

Budapast_1 Some impression of places where we met. Here we are in a Serbian restaurant.

Budapest_3 See here the Budapest team mixed together with the EOTG team gathered together for the traditional brunch at the end of each Europe on the ground. Have here a look on the Budapest city blog and the profile of the team members.

The team (French, Spanish, German journalists and photographer) have been in Budapest for our 'Cities on the ground' editorial monthly project. Watch out for our special city edition published on 27 May 2008 (Photos: ©Monika Oelz begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting & Gonzalo Ovejero)

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. ec logo