Bucharest – Paris Café

Article published on Nov. 21, 2007
Article published on Nov. 21, 2007
Today, the network of Cafébabel local teams’ editorial offices reaches the marvellous number of 26. On a map of Europe, this is represented by many sensual mouths in every nook and cranny of our old continent. A really sexy Europe.

Lately, thanks to the new blogs’ platform, editorial offices are more than ever present in the life of the magazine: publications galore, photo galleries to expose your feats and commentaries to create an interaction. And this can be done in any languages. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Yes it’s wonderful. Still, in Paris, we found it incomplete. Obviously, the French is an unsatisfied moaner ! By the way, what is the point in being 26 if everybody remains isolated from the others? We should play a collective game!

True, a little competition between blogs is enjoyable as it recalls the principle of free- competition that prevails in Europe.

But let’s not forget free-trade !

Consequently, and based on this principle, the editorial offices of Bucharest and Paris concluded the first content partnership in the babelian network.

What does it mean in fact ?

That a new section will be created on The Parisian Corner! Bucharest-Paris Café. You will find articles coming from the Bucharest’s blog, translated in the languages used in the Parisian Corner. And vice versa for the Romanian publication. A link towards the original article will also exist.

What is the point of this exchange?

To give more visibility to the content of our articles; because shall it deal with the European news of our own countries, this content may also interest other Europeans.

The reader is not an easy prey to catch … we have to bait him.

Try and blow some life, some exchanges between the local teams, so as to get in touch more than once a year, during the traditional Babel International GA.

For the French’s’ interrogations : why Bucharest?

Because despite the idea which prevails in France, Europe is not limited to France and Germany anymore. We are 27 now, and it would be a good thing to start and interest ourselves in our Eastern friends.

And to flatter our Frenchy ego, let’s not forget that Romania is a very Francophile country and that a district in Bucharest is named the “Little Paris”.

For the time being, it is only about exchanging our articles, but who may predict the future?

Jean-Sébastien Lefebvre / Translation : Sophie Helbert