Brainstorming for Babel Day celebration!

Article published on Jan. 4, 2008
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Article published on Jan. 4, 2008
Every 1st of February, there is something very important in cafebabel’s life: its our birthday! Remember, the first version of was launched by Erasmus students in Strasbourg on 1st February 2001. That was the birth of as the first European online media! Now, it has become a tradition: every 1st of February, all the network of cafebabel.
com gets together, thinks together to imagine an original way to celebrate our birthday.

What are we going to do in 2008? What are your ideas? How can we make this an intense babelian moment?

Here are a bunch of ideas that came up when I asked you about your ideas:

Organizing an event in Second life! Why about a photography exhibition? Check out some nice pictures we have made of some Babelians in 2005. Organizing a video event from all Babelians in Europe! What if we would collect videos of Babelians wishing happy birthday to cafe babel? Organizing a flash mob series in Europe! This was Erika’s idea from our Vilnius team. Erika, do you want to give more details about that?

Any other ideas?

It’s easy – come and join us on our Skype conference on Wednesday January 9th at 6 pm! All you have to do is to register by email to Monika. We invite you also to write a short comment to this posting, for any other feedback.

2 R UMAX     PowerLook III    V1.7 [4] Here are the pictures of some Babelians in 2005:

2 R UMAX     PowerLook III    V1.7 [4]