Berlinale film review: Shutter Island (2010) by Martin Scorsese

Article published on Feb. 16, 2010
Article published on Feb. 16, 2010
Why should I go and watch this film? 1: for Martin Scorcese. 2: for Leonardo DiCaprio.

Martin Scorcese But the famous director and his muse aren't the only good reasons. For the duration of two hours, it's guaranteed that this film will magic you away to a farway paradise isle and by the end of it, you'll be questioning the world and his wife's mental health

Trailer: 'Shutter Island'

Strong points

posterDefinitely the screenplay and of course Dennis Lehane's original book. The story will exasperate you throughout. Berliners liked seeing Leonardo Di Caprio speaking a bit of German

Weak points

Scorsese drives us crazy almost throughout the entire film but he expertly guides us through to the last minutes and onto the right track. Bit of a shame. Even if Scorcese is an able decoder and referencer of all the elements of a good thriller, sometimes it feels a bit much

Rating out of 5: ****

4/5 - three for the film and one for Leo DiCaprio's performance. I'm not a fan, but he carries the intrigue throughout

Post-premiere reactions

Shutter Island was one of the 400 films which was most awaited with bated breath at this year's Berlin film festival. You'll just feel like clapping - even those critics who weren't completely satisfied with some details did

Watching this film will make you want to

Watch it again. As soon as.

(Sébastien Vannier, live from the Berlin film festival)

Check out the premiere photos (©Katarzyna Swierc)

Mark Ruffalo The film also stars Mark Ruffalo, Michelle Williams and Sir Ben Kingsley. We also spotted Leo's proud mama at the premiere.

Michelle Williams

Ben Kingsley

Mrs DiCaprio

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