Berlinale film review: Exit Through The Gift Shop (2009) by Banksy

Article published on Feb. 17, 2010
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Article published on Feb. 17, 2010
Who what? Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010) is a 'pseudo-documentary' of the British graffiti artist Banksy, the street art stencil legend. Not only has his talented work brought him exorbitantly priced sales but he has remained invisible throughout - no-one has ever seen him!
But the film isn't about his life: it's about the French shopkeeper-cum-fan-cum-filmmaker who wanted to make a film about Banksy. Nor did it debut at Berlin this week, but at the Sundance festival in January.

Trailer: 'Exit Through The Gift Shop'

Why should I go and watch the film?

Film poster To (re-)discover the world of street art. To appreciate the humour and irony of Banksy as well as his sector, which has been delivered via a pacifist rebellion

Strong points

Excellent description of the world of graffiti. Good rhythm for a film. Lots of creativity, self-derision and that oh-so-British humour. Banksy succeeds in thumbing his nose at the pitfalls of modern art - i.e. saying it's in just because it's 'in'

Weak points

Have you ever heard a French person speaking rubbish English for an hour? Unbearable

Rating out of 5: ****

4/5: a bit of humour, irony and self-mocking in this world of depressed people, cameras and mainstream Hollywooders does some good

Post-premiere reactions

Laughs from the first minutes into the film when Banksy announces: 'This film is good, I think, especially if you're not expecting much.' Huge disappointment at there being no press conference though ;)

Watching this film will make you want to

Run and find this Thierry Guetta alias Mister Brainwash, who is allegedly based in LA - does he really exist? Or is it another one of Banksy's pranksies...

By Sebastien Vannier live from the Berlin film festival

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