Berlin film festival 2011: French drama with Spanish spice, Les femmes du 6e étage ('Service Entrance'). Olé

Article published on Feb. 16, 2011
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Article published on Feb. 16, 2011
The story: M.Joubert lives peacefully on the first gloor with Mme Joubert. Mme Triboulet, the ground-floor concierge isn't the easiest woman to get along with. Neither is Germaine, the maid who lives on the sixth floor. Nor is Mme Joubert, who also lives on the first floor. That's because she is married to M.Joubert. One day sixth-floor resident Germaine decides to move out.
There's only the Jouberts left on the first floor, and in comes Maria as the new maid alongside other Spaniards. Maria's a real homemaker. So much so, that those on the first floor start to be interested in what's happening on the sixth floor.

Immediate reaction: I'm checking for flights to Spain and I'll be aiming for a paella on the way.

Laboured reaction: It's not easy to improvise a paella here in Berlin. Otherwise, maybe I should say that I love Fabrice Luchini ? Sandrine Kiberlin is also great in her role as a young super annoying old person. As for the sixth-floor Spaniards, sometimes it feels a bit forced, but the group's vibe is pleasant. This is a comedy which surprises even though we're expecting some cliches.

Will it win in Berlin? No. It's out of competition!

Official information: Don't forget to mention the director Philippe Le Guay. Don't forget that the film is out in France today! 16 February 2011.

Watch the trailer (with English subtitles)

Review by Sebastien Vannier. Images: Katarzyna Swierc