"BE THE CHANGE": A world class project that starts from Athens

Article published on June 25, 2012
Article published on June 25, 2012
kickstarter3.jpg BE THE CHANGE unites 17 countries and 21 cities aimed to ignite awareness around the change we aim to realize. As part of TED prize-winner JR's Inside Out Project, our project invites people around the world to share black and white photo portraits, along with a statement about what change and vision they represent.

kickstarter2.jpg Which brings us here to Kickstarter and more importantly…you. GOAL Via JR’s Inside Out Project, we are joining forces with 17 countries and 21 cities around the world. With this Kickstarter Campaign, we are hoping to raise the funds needing to cover the global printing and shipping costs. To PRINT on recycled paper, SORT and SHIP to all of the participating countries, the cost for 17 countries and 21 cities is $30,000. Your financial support for the Inside Out Project is facilitated through collaboration with Austin Green Art, a non-profit art and environmental organization based in Austin, TX We invite the world to be part of this “global ex-change."

__Participating countries and cities include Athens (Greece), Austin (Texas), Aveiro (Portugal), Bandung (Indonesia), Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney and Woodford (Australia),Casablanca (Morocco), Hainan Province (China), Juarez & DF (Mexico), Lima (Peru), London (UK), Madrid (Spain), Mulhouse (France), Nicosia (Cyprus),Santiago (Chile), Seoul (South Korea), Tunis (Tunisia) and Wroclaw (Poland). Check out our BE THE CHANGE Website and the BE THE CHANGE Global Facebook Page to follow the project in real time. BE THE CHANGE | Woodford, Australia__

TIMELINE June-July: Each participating country will take 500 portraits. August: These portraits will be uploaded to the IOP Website, printed on recycled paper, sorted so that each country will receive portraits from all of the participating countries, and sent to each country. On September 21st (World Peace Day) and September 22nd, the participating countries will unite through the exchange of portraits from country to country, creating a mosaic of faces and an ongoing collaborative dialogue, using art and communication as catalysts for social change.

It has been amazing to see individuals and groups from around the world come together under the idea of BE THE CHANGE. It is an extraordinary opportunity to join forces and engage with others around the world. From Australia to Chile, Indonesia to Tunisia, people are contributing to a global art movement. JOIN US IN MAKING THIS PHOTOGRAPHY ACTION A REALITY!!!

INSIDE OUT Inside Out is a global art project that uses large-scale portraits to transform messages of identity into powerful urban exhibitions. The Inside Out Project is a creation of the artist JR, recipient of the 2011 TED Prize (watch JR's TED Talk). You can visit the Inside Out Website to see stunning examples of some of the projects that are popping up in over 9,000 locations all over the globe.


1) go to: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iopbethechange/inside-out-project-be-the-change-a-global-action

2) You donate, you get something in return! Even if it is $1, every bit counts.

3) If we don't meet our goal by the deadline, we don't get ANY funding!

4) If we raise more than our goal, we keep the money, which means the project just gets bigger and better!

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