Be Fest celebrates Flemish and Walloon films

Article published on Dec. 10, 2010
Article published on Dec. 10, 2010
2010 is drawing to a close and it’s a chance for Belgian cinema to take a last look back in order to celebrate a past year rich in film productions. Since 2005, this is exactly what the organisers of the Be Film Festival have been offering.

The event, a Mecca of the best of Belgian films from the south and north of the country, will take place from December 16-19 in three locations in Brussels (Jacques Franck Cultural Centre, Rits Cinema and Riches-Claires Cultural Centre).

The line-up includes no fewer than 20 different screenings and a final chance to see or re-see on the big screen films like Illegal, Oscar and the Lady in Pink, Kill Me Please, Mr. Nobody, The Day God Went Away, The Misfortunates and many other features and short films, for the organisers are also behind the now famous Brussels Short Film Festival (next edition in April 2011).

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