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Article published on July 7, 2008
Article published on July 7, 2008
From Athens to Zagreb, virtually every student has heard of the Erasmus program. Since its inception, the Erasmus has opened up new horizons for European youth- creating a de facto Euro Generation, leading to increased job mobility among states and contributing to the creation of a collective European identity.
But 20 years later, it’s not just increased interconnectedness that is compelling youth leave their homes anymore. The Internet is partly responsible for a recent rise in volunteer- and work-abroad programs that cater to those interested in helping others or in pursuing a career in the field of social development. And because of its inclusive and interactive nature, the Internet is also opening up new avenues of intercultural exchange and personal growth, empowering youth to take action beyond borders and to experiment with more innovative and bottom-up programs.

Global issues like Climate Change or sustainable development are now high on the agenda of many a country, and youth are often at the forefront of the battle for a more sustainable and just world. The “Web 2.0” is a tool that they utilize most effectively to coordinate their actions, share resources and mobilize the attention of leaders around the world. The use youth make of the Internet definitely creates greater diversity in the nature of their participation: creating links between motivated world "netizens", giving this demographic a voice in the international arena and ensuring that the projects they choose are increasingly more challenging and creative.

For this reason, TakingITGlobal is launching an internship program that aims at using Web 2.0 tools to engage youth across Europe. An internship with TIG is a great opportunity for young students to become personally involved in our international organization and to play a role in inspiring, informing and involving other young people around the world. Being a Community Connector gives you a chance to affect change both locally and virtually- strengthening youth networks and mobilizing youth to participate in your local area, as well as creating connections with incredibly motivated individuals from around the world (think of it as a virtual Erasmus!)

The Community Connector Internship is a six-month position, starting in mid-August 2008 and ending in mid-February 2009 for a weekly rate of 5-8 working hours. It is an unpaid Internship, but will afford the opportunity to gain valuable experience working within a well-respected international NGO. Visit this link to find out more

The deadline to apply is July 18th!