Babelians, we want your questions to the US ambassador to the EU!

Article published on Nov. 8, 2010
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Article published on Nov. 8, 2010
Dear Babelians, The Brussels blog has the opportunity to hold a face-to-face interview with the US ambassador to the EU in relation to the upcoming EU-US summit on November 20th. In that respect, the Brussels team aims at being your spokesman by bringing up your voice and your views to the Ambassador! It is your chance to put forward your questions to a US high diplomatic representative!

How to proceed?

We have identified five core themes from which you can formulate the questions Cafebabel Brussels will ask to the Ambassador next Tuesday. Your questions should therefore reflect the following five themes:

1 - Economic and financial governance, collaboration and regulation. 2 - Climate change and the challenge of the Cancun summit. 3 - Development and cooperation issues with the global South. 4 - War, security and terrorism. 5 - EU-US relationships after the Lisbon treaty and the US perception of Europe.

We will collect your questions before tonight.

To make the most of the interview we would require you to formulate your questions in a neat, clear-cut and straight-to-the-point manner to enable us to put forward as many questions as possible and collect valuable answers.

We are looking forward to hearing out your questions!


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