Babelian's Cities oh Heart : La Riviera

Article published on Jan. 13, 2008
Article published on Jan. 13, 2008
Taking advantage of their returning into their families, Parisian Babelians brought back some pictures of Christmas decorations and lights in their cities.

La Riviera


                                                          Menton Church tower

                         The seeside. Yes, I know, even if it is grey you'd kill to be there !

The rain is gently falling on the small christmas chalet of Menton. Look closer, you'll find yout Babelian girl in the middle, posing with her umbrella... "Under my umbrella"

A tradition in Provence : lthe "santons" of the Crib.

Hot wine is always appreciated for a spicy break in the market.

                     Night falls on the city centre and round abouts are shinning bright.

No strolling in Nice without having a Socca, typical dish of the city cooked with chick pea flour. After the chestnut turkey and the chestnut Bûche, the effect is guarantied ...

La Turbie : Nice countryside. Each year, this house recieves the price of the most beautiful lightnings. Congratulations !

And now, guessing game. Where was this picture taken ?

No idea. Another picture maybe then :

If I tell you "Casino" ... Does it help ?

                                             You're in Monaco.