Babelians' Cities of Hearts

Article published on Jan. 7, 2008
Article published on Jan. 7, 2008
Taking advantage of their returning into their families, Parisian Babelians brought back some pictures of Christmas decorations and lights in their cities. First city : SAUMUR “Closed court, convicted saumurois” (note : Saumur’s inhabitants) Saumur is one of the cities that will lose its tribunal correctionnel (local criminal court).

For this reason, a banner has replaced the traditional christmas tree in front of the town hall. I don’t know what Santa thinks about politics but he’s probably feeling concerned

The mayor is a nice guy, he’s wishing us a happy new year. Let’s wish him a happy new year back, it’s soon election time

Main bridge in Saumur

For the record, there used to be used to be fairy lights all over it, Champs Elysées style. But as our mayor used to be an ecologist, he replaced everything with two or three feeble lights. Not so pretty but very green. That’s what we call progress through sustainable development.

Place Saint-Pierre, the trees are doing the show here.

Shopping street

Saumur by night, bordered by the Loire river. The city was coined as (very very long ago) “the pearl of Anjou” by the poet Joachim du Bellay, who was from the region.