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Article published on March 31, 2009
Article published on March 31, 2009
Babel Wien is a participatory and multilingual cityblog animated by a dozen young European writers and translators from the Community of Discover more about what we do and who we are... The Babel Wien blog Babel Wien is a participatory and multilingual cityblog animated by a dozen young European writers and translators from the “babelian” community, the network of
As the « Danubian stream to Europe », the Babel Wien blog promotes a European perspective in all society and political topics, and aims to build bridges between local, national and European debates in Vienna and Austria as a whole.

Babel Wien is also the voice of the Eurogeneration - the first generation that lives Europe on a daily basis - in the Austrian capital. It’s a place to share information and analyses about local events of European angle, as well as on Culture and Travel in and around Vienna.

Who we are

The Babel Wien local team is a multicultural and multilingual group of young Europeans who write, translate and contribute to the Babel Wien blog on a voluntary basis. Made up of active citizens from Austria and more than five other EU countries, we are deeply involved in European activities in Vienna, and look at national debates with European eyes.

A passion for participatory journalism, active citizenship and languages; the feeling of being part of the « Eurogeneration » through our erasmus, research or work experiences abroad, our friends and families all over Europe; and the impression that national media could cover all it in a more European perspective. These are the things we have in common, this is what has brought us together.

Our background

Most Babel Wien team members are young graduates with degrees in arts, political science, business or languages who have just recently entered the labour market and want to maintain or recreate their erasmus or Brussels experiences. We come from various cities and regions in several European countries, mainly from Austria, Germany, France and Poland, but also from Italy, Hungary and other countries. While many of us also have mixed roots, all of us have international experience and speak 2, 3 or more languages. The Babel Wien team includes several experienced bloggers and contributors to among our babelian Community.

Our contribution

Babel Wien offers its members different levels and ways of contributing, from writing or translating articles on a scheduled basis to taking on a more active role in creating the editorial content and layout of the blog, as well as working on the public relations and organizational issues of the team activities. Our bi-weekly meetings are the place to share our ideas, make decisions together and continue moving forward.

Become a Babel Wien member !

The Babel Wien local team is permanently open to new members. If you are interested in writing, translating, drawing, photographing for Babel Wien and, or in creating a new linguistic version of the blog, get in touch with Mélanie at

The first step is to join the Community and become a babelian yourself:

For further information on the blog and our team, contact us through our facebook group « Babel Wien, the local team of in Vienna » or via