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Article published on Dec. 27, 2007
Article published on Dec. 27, 2007

This is Paris speaking, BabelFrance here to the students. BabelFrance is not only running a blog but the Parisian staff turns out to be pluralist and a jack of all trades: they are not afraid of writing and sound. 

On the contrary, gimme a mic or I’ll make a scene. Since beginning of October, every Thursday nights, in Radio Campus’ program “L’Extraballe” (7 to 8pm on 93.8FM), holds the microphone for a 5 minutes spot with this motto: “Straight to the point, let’s talk about .” Don’t laugh; it took us an hour to come up with this phrase…A small team then changes over every week to make this moment of radio bliss possible. The Belgian political crisis, Polish elections, the Reform Treaty, minority languages, Erasmus life are some of the themes we talked about. All in all we’ll talk about everything that comes to our head keeping in mind this leitmotiv: EUROOOOOOPE.

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To share the productions of this partnership, La Parisienne’s radio team has decided to put online their spots. We wish we had done it before but technical considerations deterred us from doing so. But after a fierce battle, we defeated the Internet technology; victory is ours! Vae Victis.

We will shortly make it up to you and a new column will soon see the light of day: BabelFrance on live. The old spots will be online before long and new ones as they go along.

Just strain your ears, close your eyes, you’re in Europe.

Jean-Sébastien Lefebvre

Translation : Cecile Zandvliet