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Article published on Oct. 1, 2007
Article published on Oct. 1, 2007
The return of a legend. A Catalan and a French woman sweeten the bitter taste of autumn, Swedish boys rock elegantly and two other delicious treats in store for fans: a selection of European sounds

Vanessa Paradis – Divinidylle

Lolita, gap teeth, Johnny Depp – these are, outside France at least, the associations that come to mind when the name 'Vanessa Paradis' crops up. Wrongly so, since the French singer and actress has in the past proved both to herself and the world that she is much more than the ethereal being with the little-girl voice, who softly breathes Joe le Taxi into the microphone and drives men wild in the process. Divinidylle, the fifth and latest studio album in seven years, shows yet again Paradis' capacity to surprise. Together with friends including eccentric figure French singer ‘M’, a true work of art has emerged that ‘la Paradis’ imbues not only with innocence and sugary sweetness, but also a rather dark and mysterious timbre


This year: France in September

Rest of Europe: 26 October 2007

The Cult - Born into this

For fans of alternative rock, October has a small phenomenon on offer. After over twenty years in the business and a long creative hiatus, one of the most influential British rock bands of the eighties and nineties is back with The Cult. After various solo excursions, in which front man Ian Astbury took over the role of, among others, Jim Morrison with the re-emergence of The Doors, the once conflict-ridden band members are back together.

The first studio album for six years sounds more raw and energetic than its electronic-psychedelic predecessors, and recalls the band’s early years. The first single release Dirty Little Rockstar has the makings of an impressively catchy tune and could finally lift the band out of obscurity to be, once again, the band on everyone’s lips

Roadrunner Records

Germany 28 September 2007

UK, France, Spain 1 October 2007

The Hives - The Black and White Album

The name is their manifesto. After The Hives named their last album after a menacing prehistoric dinosaur, they are emphasising their trademark look with the title of their new record, The Black and White Album: ever neat and orderly in their made-to-measure black and white suits. Even on their second album since swapping to a major record label, the Hives have not lost touch with their roots, spouting collaborations with producers as notorious as Timbaland and Pharrell Williams.

The first single release Tick Tick Boom is a sure-fire hit and has rendered its media back-up as advertising track for a well-known trainer manufacturer unnecessary. After they were voted ‘Best Live Band’ by a famous American music magazine, you absolutely mustn’t miss the chance to see the Swedes in concert this year.


First European tour date is 19 October 2007 in Hamburg

Rest of Europe 15 October 2007

Xabel Vegas and las Uvas de la Ira - Canciones sobre traiciones y mentiras

Xabel Vegas (Photo: Mushroompillow)

Xabel Vegas is no stranger in Spain, thanks to his lengthy stints as drummer for 'Jr' and 'Manta Ray', the godfathers of Spanish indie-rock. Now the Catalan artist is planning something bigger. With his band 'Las Uvas de la Ira' ('The Grapes of Wrath'), his place is no longer hiding behind his drums, but out to the fore on the microphone. Not much remains of the former ‘Gijón Sound’ (nineties-era music from the Asturias region), but Vegas is looking to a new musical future. With his mix of folk, rock and camp-fire balladry, it's not looking the slightest bit gloomy. Five songs on a mini-CD set the direction, with an LP planned for the beginning of next year


Spain 8 October 2007

Malajube tours France

Malajube (Photo: City Slang/ Universal)

About the devil. And God. And everything in between. That’s what it’s all about according to French-Canadian band Malajube’s lyrics. First emerging into the spotlight in Canada in 2004, the band with the unusual name has long been well-known; rated by the public and critics alike, they have garnered one music prize after the other. Their second album, Trompe l’Oeil ('Trick The Eye'), has been on European shelves since May this year and opened the door to the Old Continent. This is exactly the place they now want to conquer once and for all with their indefinable ’Montréal pop’ style music

Tour kicks off in countless French cities in October, first date 12 October in Strasbourg

More concert dates here

Travis: European tour

Travis (Photo:

The Scottish band embody the Brit pop genre like no other group of their generation, count illustrious figures like Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin among their biggest fans, and front man Fran Healy is the reason why every second footballer sports a Mohawk haircut. In their seventeen years of existence Travis have shown continual musical evolution, and are due to go on tour with fifth album The Boy With No Name. Starting in Spain, they are touring Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Scandinavia, for the love you bring don’t mean a thing unless you sing, sing, sing, sing

Check tour dates here