Babel France in 2008

Article published on Jan. 22, 2008
Article published on Jan. 22, 2008
What’s new on La Parisienne for the new year ?   First and foremost Happy New Year to all, dear readers of La Parisienne, on behalf of the whole team; writers, translators, chronicle writers and those working behind the scenes. We also wish to thank you for your loyalty, which made La Parisienne the second most read blog of the babelsphere in 2007. The interest you have touches us very much.

 This is why we decided that 2008 would be a year of further development for La Parisienne with a busier than ever Schedule.

Full time Babel France:

Since January 2008, Jean-Sébastien Lefebvre, general secretary of Babel France, became a full-time « volunteer » for the association. Thanks to this peculiar status of “voluntary civil servant”, Jean-Sébastien will be able to devote himself to Babel France for a modest compensation.

Decipher the Franco-European debate:

What will be Jean-Sébastien’s job?

First, he will work for the networking trying to manage a better coordination between all café’s editorial offices, which are spread at Europe’s four corners.

And to consolidate Babel’s France structure, thus permitting it to be more active and to aim for higher goals. The development of public opinion is also channelled by the local stage.

Working in relation with the Central European Redaction (also located in Paris), the aim is to europeanise the French news debate. We will need to be more reactive to what is happening in France in order to look at events or declarations in a European perspective. France’s behaviour at the European level will also be examined, just to see if the words of our politicians match with their actions in Brussels… 

And since Europe is always touted as the source of all evils in France, why not check these assumptions?

 Due to this focus given on reactivity to the news, multilinguism on La Parisienne will take a different shape. It used to be a rule; it will now follow a more varied scheme. You will still be able to read general articles written by our many collaborators in every language. As for the news posts however, written on the day or the day before a specific event, they will be first published in French before being translated a few days later. And you may also find some of his articles in café’s columns, giving space to the European-national debates.

All these texts will be merged in a section called France-Europe.

New sections:

New sections will come to life to make La Parisienne even more complete.

« Paris sur le Vif » : through her chronicles, Soili will uncover the daily life and experiences of a Finnish Erasmus Sorbonne student…And there is quite a lot to say in the country of frog eaters and their hyperactive president.

« L’Union européenne en vraie » : even though it was inaugurated last year, this section should become more important in order to cover concrete actions taken by the EU for its citizens. There will be a particular focus on France so that no one could complain along the lines of  “now seriously, Europe is really useless”.

« Présidence française de l’Union européenne » : on July 1st 2008, France will succeed to Slovenia at the head of the EU for what will probably be one of the last rotating presidencies due to the Lisbon treaty. So what has the French government in store for us? If all the head of states have to follow the pace of the French president, there will surely be an avalanche of sick leaves in the various European chanceries.

Viva Espana !

 At first bilingual with an English and French version and then trilingual with the addition of Italian, La Parisienne goes quadrilingual with a German version. It now wishes to open up to the Iberian Peninsula, a Spanish version being on the way. La Parisienne does not forget its latin charm! Any translators interested?

Monthly conferences in Paris:

 The first Paris on the Ground experience was a nice success, “Quelle politique de ville pour quelle société?” (“Which city policy for which society?”) did not attract crowds as numerous as a Stade de France event would have but the debate was of a high quality. This is why, our ambition for 2008 will be to organise a European café or conference every month very likely in cooperation with other Parisian European constituencies.

 You wil find information about these events on La Parisienne and you are all already invited.

Also on the agenda, we have other ideas to make Babel France an actor of the Parisian European life.

Who would like to join us?

With more than twenty writers, six radio reviewers, and another twenty translators to deal with the four language versions, Babel France is still looking for new talents. If you live in the Parisian area, do not hesitate to contact us to join the team. The same goes if you are far away, we do not discriminate against people of the ‘province’.

Translation, edition, organisation, discussion, there has to be something for you at Babel France.

Hasta siempre la victoria,

The Parisian team.