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Article published on June 19, 2008
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Article published on June 19, 2008
Do you want to…Get to know people outside of your social circle and language community; Take the language you are learning out of the classroom and onto the streets ; Discover Brussels “off the beaten track”? www.b-interactiv.be Apply now to participate for free in B-interACTiv!
This exciting new project is part of the “Brexpat” initiative (see also CafeBabel's Brussels 19 - EU 27 project) and is split into three events:

The meet and greet… Wednesday 18th June 2008 - an animated evening of language workshops on a boat in the city centre. Participants take part in active sessions giving them the chance to meet the people that will be in their group on the escapade day.

The escapade… Saturday 21st June 2008 - a fast-paced, dynamic day interacting with Brussels. The three groups take off across the city for a day of challenges, fun and adventure in their target languages.

Expat’expo & stranger exchange… Saturday 27th September 2008 - an open-house expo and information gathering. An open-house event consisting of an exhibition about the project so far, an information centre for language-learning and multiculturalism in Brussels and open discussions about the issues raised by the project.

We are currently looking for language learners (French, Dutch & English) to participate in the project. We want to bring together a mixture of people that reflect Brussels’ multilingual and multicultural society: “expatriates” of all nationalities and “Belgians” of all origins.

B-interACTiv is an initiative of Tightrope asbl/vzw and the Centre for Language Animation asbl/vzw . It is kindly subsidised by the King Baudouin Foundation as part of their “Brexpat” project. For more information please write to contact@tightrope.be…

Roel Hoenders