Angola-Today: Mirco Martins Seeks to Foster a Better Understanding of Angola

Article published on July 19, 2015
Article published on July 19, 2015

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Angola? Perhaps it’s civil war (the country’s 27-year conflict ended in 2002, but that image persists for many in the international community). Perhaps it’s oil (oil is a huge force in Angola’s economy, but only one of many).

Angola is rising from the ashes, reinventing itself. Angola-Today is dedicated to broadening the understanding of this growing nation for the international audience. Created in part by Mirco Martins, Angola-Today is “the first comprehensive website offering readers an editorial guide to Angola in the English language.”

About the Website first launched in 2011, and it has grown considerably since that time. Mirco Martins plays a behind the scenes role, while Richard Wildash, Markus Weimer, James Smith, Maximilian Clarke and William Clarke are the listed contributors.

The site offers a comprehensive guide to Angola for English speakers, ranging from city guides to a national profile, in-depth articles, several important society sections and a great deal more. All of this information is brought together to help spur further growth and development in a country that has seen double-digit growth in recent years. While that growth has slowed, 2015 is expected to bring a significant uptick once more thanks to new government-sponsored transportation projects and further economic diversification.

The website does more than just highlight the country’s economy, though. It helps to highlight successful Angolan businesspeople. For instance, Nyanga Tyitapeka is a highlighted entrepreneur, growing her business assistance company successfully with hard work and a keen eye for opportunities.

Another key aspect of is the fact that it offers in-depth information about the country’s many industries, their performance and more. These range from agriculture to mining, oil and gas, real estate, science and technology, telecommunications, and tourism. While the oil and gas sector remains perhaps the single largest in the economy, the nation is growing in all areas. For instance, the nation’s rich soil is capable of supporting an incredible broad range of crops and livestock, from coffee and cattle to citrus fruit, vegetables and a great deal more.

Mining is also seeing immense growth, with Angola now becoming the fourth largest diamond producer on the planet. Even real estate is seeing a significant surge – Luanda is undergoing massive development with modern skyscrapers being erected across the waterfront and throughout the rest of the city.

For English speakers, Mirco Martin’s efforts to spread the word about Angola through are essential and illuminating.