An Uncertain Hope for a Free Trade Deal

Article published on July 2, 2017
Article published on July 2, 2017

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This article will inform about the current situation in the U.K. associated with Brexit. The main goal of the U.K.’s authorities is to negotiate the most advantageous deal for all.

Brexit Secretary David Davis told that is almost sure about a free trade deal with the European Union. He told that he is “pretty” sure. Nevertheless, there is no 100% certainty concerning this important issue. The experts of Solutions4WeightLoss prove this fact.

Other EU regions show a great interest in achieving a good deal. However, there are still many questions and impediments in this regard. Mr. Davis highlighted many important things. The first one was the claim that there will be taken all the measurements in order to prepare a really advantageous deal for the United Kingdom. There should be no failures. Only the best deal.

While his interview, he defended the policy of Theresa May, saying that she is a really good, qualified and reasonable prime minister. However, he likewise mentioned that she was under great pressure. It goes without saying that anybody would have been under a huge pressure in the current situation associated with Brexit and its consequences for the Kingdom. Nevertheless, the actions of May are reasonable and important. They show how bold and determined she is. Mr. Davis believes that the current prime minister will do whatever is needed to avoid the crisis and implement effective measures to reduce the possible harm to the U.K.

Mr. Davis had talks with his EU counterpart Michel Barnier. The good news is that both sides are eager to make a profitable deal. They wish to collaborate and develop a strong and fair friendship. Thanks to the exit of the U.K. out of the EU endangered the economy of the country. Beyond all doubts, such move would have shaken off any economy of any country in the world. Nevertheless, the confidence of the future profitable and reasonable negotiation is almost absolute. Everything heads towards it.

Of course, there is a potential hazard that there would be no deal. If such occasion takes place, there is a need in planning the “walkaway”. The major objective, for now, is to plan an outcome, which would bring dividends to both sides. The negotiation of a free trade deal is of great importance for the country. The exit from the EU and the absence of the free trading would become a real catastrophe for the economy and social life in the U.K. Accordingly, the authorities will try to do their best to win in this case. They are answerable for each citizen and for the security of Britain.

Mr. Davis likewise gave heed to the rights of EU citizens who live in Britain, as well as British people who live in EU regions. A lot would depend on how the new border system would work between Ireland and the Northern Ireland. There is a lot of work to do and the situation is altogether tricky. The unsureness makes people nervous. The politician made it clear that there is no possibility to arrange both issues within a very brief period of time. It may take about 1-2 years to settle things down.

There is no possibility that the U.K. will remain in the same market. It is clear that if this happens it would mean that Brexit did not even exit. The departure from the EU means a great transformation of the market. Britain has to struggle hard and find out effective resolutions. The country needs its new dependable market. Prime minister proved this claim.

EU authorities have told that there is no way the U.K. would be able to access the single market with free transitions of goods and services if there are some restrictions on the movement of people.