An advent calendar for European Elections

Article published on March 13, 2009
Article published on March 13, 2009
A good initiative of the Belgian European Movement, it distributes a citizen’s calendar to count the days until European Elections.

Almanach-FR-cropp_-1.jpgVery much like an advent calendar, it gives a little surprise for each day for those lucky to possess one. Advice, testimonies and cartoons, everything has been imagined to make those pretty complicated elections clearer. To view the calendar for free (in french), please visit this website.

This move must be welcomed when one consults figures about low participation to these elections in Europe. In Belgium, according to Eurobarometre:

48 % of Belgians do not know that MEPs are elected directly by citizens ; 20 % of Belgians know that European Elections will take place in 2009.

This article is dedicated to the Euro-enthusiastic young lady giving her testimony on the entry for March 30. She kind of sums up our state of mind at CaféBabel, don’t you think?