Alloianoi as science fiction myth... thanks to the need for Turkeys' economic growth...

Article published on Sept. 7, 2010
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Article published on Sept. 7, 2010
The ancient Greek city of Alloianoi of the 2nd century BC will probably pass into oblivion in the following days, after the new approval received by the Office of the State Water Management in Turkey, to bury it under tons of sand, in order to continue work on creating dam in the area.
Despite the

continuous reactions from archaeological and environmental organizations -from both Turkey and Greece- one of the most important archaeological sites will be lost forever from the face of the earth ... in the name of development in Turkey ..

The Turkish Minister of Tourism, who has accepted intense pressure and criticism, went so far as to declare to the media (for a monument that dates back to Roman times) the Allianoi are a product of fiction. Never existed. There is no place that is called Allianoi. These hot springs were restored and named Pasha Ilikansi.

Strong criticism brought on statements of the Minister Eroglu Veizel by head of the excavations, Ahmed Yaras, saying "Eroglu is not an archaeologist. What he claims is ridiculous" reminding that only 20% of the city has been excavated. And the regeneration of the hot spring that was the center of the cult of Asclepius cost to local factors 7 million dollars. The financial details are known to the minister, thus, the re-development is charged to the local government to detach himself from any move that would contradict his current positions.

That has sensitized many Turkish people who do not understand how such an important historical monument will sink and can not be protected by law in the name of Turkey's development. Also note that this theme has years hence, after the March 2005, the then MEP, Panayiotis Beglitis and Nikos Sifounakis, had made a formal question to the European Commission on the sinking of the archaeological site of Allianoi in order to proccees the dam Giotanli. Then the then European Parliament President Hans Poettering, had sent a letter to Turkish Prime Minister in order to protect the site. Erdogan replied that the heritage will be protected but there is a need for infrastructure such as roads and dams. Of course the "protection measures" are actually nothing else than that Allianoi will be covered with sand and not mud ... Also in April 2005, the ancient city was declared a protected area in first grade with #724 Decision of the State Council for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Izmir. Decision that today is ignored by the Protection of antiquities Council Smyrna, and gives approval to sink the city ... although there are already four annullation decisions and two orders for immediate cessation of work at the dam by the State Council of Turkey. As said Yaras "There have been 16 court decisions, but ultimately Allianoi be covered with sand .. In this way, Turkey is denigrated .."

Some historical information about the City of Allianoi This ancient city dating from the 2nd century BC until the 2nd century AD is a center of worship of Asclepius. During the excavations have found the findings of the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine period, as statues of Asclepius, the largest collection of ancient medical instruments (400), abundant metal, ceramics and glass objects and 11 000 coins.