Ageing into, ageing out of, and ageing of the workforce - Group 3 Report

Article published on Oct. 19, 2007
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Article published on Oct. 19, 2007
Our visit to BASF’s Berlin office raised a number of interesting points • The role of business – it was clear that the business community is taking action to deal with a lot of the issues raised by demographic change, and that they are doing this through their own economic self interest • Government and NGO action should complement what business is already doing, not duplicate it • A key
point was the innovative capacity of older workers. By investing in training for its staff, BASF demonstrates that innovative practices are not confined to young people. Achieving a culture in which the full capacities of older workers are recognised and respected poses the greatest challenge.

• This needs a change in attitude from everybody, including older workers themselves.

• Companies’ HR policies should focus on communicating this message and offering fuller opportunities to all staff to develop their skills and potential.