About the European Citizens’ Seminars

Article published on March 30, 2008
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Article published on March 30, 2008
The association organising the European Citizens’ Seminars was founded in Erfurt (Germany) on 7th May 2006, by 7 citizens from 6 different European countries (Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal). You will find detailed information on our activities on our website.

Our aim is to broaden the range of people that contribute to public policy design at European scale, by mobilising the knowledge and experience present in the professionals of the field being addressed. We indeed believe that these professionals, (in private firms, public service, trade-unions, academia and NGOs), have developed in their everyday practice a direct and first-hand knowledge of their field, and master an in-depth theoretical understanding of it that leverages their higher education background. They collectively represent a vast and untapped source of knowledge, experience and informed opinion, that rarely is mobilised in the design of public policies.

Our activity is thus to gather ca. 20 such professionals in 4-day workshops, with the purpose each time of collectively designing Public Policy Proposals that address the issue at stake. Our first workshop is on 15th-18th March 2008, with the theme: “Enhancing stakeholder diversity in the Board room“.

Follow this blog for the publication of the Public Policy Proposals resulting from this first workshop, and for the on-line debate following this publication!