A simple question to Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise.

Article published on July 27, 2010
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Article published on July 27, 2010
WHY that movie? I am refering to Knight and Day..sort of parody of action movie. if that was about..(!) I patiened enough, but after the break, as I was watching the movie one thought, question, was troubling my head: ''Why if you are Tom Cruise, so worldly famous, quite rich I suppose, been given whatever you ask for, why go for that movie?" Likewise for Cameron Diaz..

Excellent styling, nice clothes, cute American-Hollywood made girl, nice body (although I realize that maintaning good bodies must be their only concern since I do not notice any change, maturity over acting throughout years, for both actors)

I mean, com'on, they are treated like Kings and Queens worlwide, they can have what ever they wish for, a little quality over the roles they choose is nothing to be afraid of. Or maybe it is?

When you have this status in the world why not go for something more inspiring, more artistic, more socially sensitive during this troubled period of our planet?

When you are Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, what do you have to loose?

Back to the movie, was there a sort of humour I didn't get? A hidden message?

Whatever..., I couldn' t wait until the end of the movie. I left!

Such a pitty! It was my first time at a summer cinema during a hot night in Athens, at a good rooftop and a bar serving great cocktails.

Why that movie Mr Cruise?

Why Mrs Diaz?