Article published on June 11, 2002
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Article published on June 11, 2002

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Interview with Miquel Mayol I Raynal, catalan european representative of the Green Party, member of the foreign affairs commission of the European Parliament.

Cafébabel met the catalan European representative of the Green Party, Miquel Mayol I Raynal at Strasbourg.

CAFEBABEL: What do you think of Europes standpoint after September 11th?

MIQUEL MAYOL I RAYNAL: I think that this international crisis which has resulted from the attacks of September 11th has demonstrated the extent of american hegemony on an international level and the international non-existence of Europe. Europe doesnt carry any weight on the international scene today because there hasnt been a global response: the member states expressed themselves in a disparate manner. It is clear that the Americans spurned european offers and that they will only use Europe if they need to. With regard to the outcome of this crisis, it will be whatever the Americans want it to be and Europe will be absent from the solution.

C.B. Are there interests behind the american intervention in Afghanistan and the fight against terrorism?

M.M.R. The economic stakes are certainly extremely high because there is a new political configuration in the world: the coming together of Russia and America, the energy supplies

C.B. What has the influence of the European Union been in the negotiations at Bonn for the formation of a provisional Afghan government?

M.M.R. No european influence in the formation of a new Afghan government.

C.B. What role can the islamic communities in Europe play in the crisis?

M.M.R. The islamic communities have an important role to play. If one thinks back to the euro-mediterranean dimension and the Convention of Barcelona, one understands logically that they have political weight. In the future they will play a more or less important role depending on how things evolve.

C.B. How should we envisage relations between the United States and Europe: a partnership or a competition?

M.M.R. In order to talk about relations between Europe and the United States, Europe needs to exist properly and not be just a currency and a market. For that to happen, Europe needs to realise its common culture (both christian and criticism of this christian heritage by the enlightenment philosophy) and it needs a moral unity which doesnt exist today. From there, one can talk about relations between Europe and the United States.