A Chocolate Museum in Athens

Article published on Jan. 25, 2011
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Article published on Jan. 25, 2011
We all love chocolate..our sweetest temptation since childhood ! Here in Greece, chocolate has been adored over the years which gave the reason for the first Chocolate Museum of Pavlides, one of the pioneers of chocolate-making industry in the country. His industry was made in the late 19th century and since then his awarded black chocolate became almost a part of the modern Greek identity.

This original museum will be opened this weekend 29-30 January on the occasion of the 150 years since the chocolate Pavlidis first released. It aims to introduce people of all ages to the secrets of chocolate manufacturing and the art of enjoyment. At the same time it will narrate in an original way, the interesting history of chocolate Pavlidis since Spiridon Pavlides produced it for the first time using a ... steam machine!Etchings, lithographs and historic photographs will compose the path in the history of chocolate production line and simulations will reveal the secrets of modern chocolate. Three huge chocolate fountains will be available to visitors in order to create their own chocolate chips!The Chocolate Museum is a must-see, so next time you plan to visit Athens put it in the ''to-do-list''..!

The famous multi-awarded Pavlidis Chocolate /flickr