8 months to go before the European election!

Article published on Oct. 6, 2008
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Article published on Oct. 6, 2008
8 months, that's all that is left for Newropeans to get 5 to 10 % of the almost 500 millions european citizens to vote for the democratisation of the EU, to vote for Newropeans. With the Summer Beach Campaign, Newropeans got exposure in the media along the way.
And mostly, almost a Million (910 000) flyers were handed out to tanned European citizens in flip-flops - by volunteers traveling in Camper-vans along the coasts of Europe and giving their time for the democratisation of Europe.

A great adventure for the volunteers, a huge achievement for Newropeans !

8 months remaining. Everywhere in Europe, Newropeans campaigns are kicking off or gaining momentum. Next campaign to be launched: the spanish one, in Barcelona on 22th November. If you around, do not miss it!

8 months remaining, our programme to enrich!

8 months remaining, dozens of translations for our network of voluntary translators!

8 months remaining, anyone who is concerned about the way the EU is currently run is welcome to help

8 months, that is all we have got to bring our ideas in the parliament.