7 Must-Have Items To Put In Your Dance Bag

Article published on Dec. 4, 2015
Article published on Dec. 4, 2015

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Each season, dancers get ready to return to dance class. And with it, they prepare a tote bag, or dance bag, with their absolute necessities. One crucial part of preparing your dance bag is cleaning it out! If you are a dancer, you know that your dance bag will be really stinky by the end of the season. You’ll need to dump it out, clean it out, and wash it in a machine if possible. Another hot tip: put your dance bag in the freezer to kill bacteria which causes the stink!

Ok, once you’ve got your bag cleaned out, you are ready to fill it up again! It can seem like you need to take just about everything with you to class. You may need any number of things, and you can’t be too careful. But you need to make sure you aren’t lugging around unnecessary items as well. Here are a few must-have items you should be sure to put in your bag, without feeling overly obsessive!

7 Must-Have Items To Put In Your Dance Bag

  • Toiletries: These are the all-important necessities that you wouldn’t dare go to dance class without. Things not to forget include deoderant, toothpaste and toothbrush, makeup that you may need, perfume, hand sanitizer and—you’ll thank me later—plasters in case of blistered or bleeding feet.

  • Hair supplies: You’ll need to make sure you hair stays in place, or that you can fix it after practice if you are going out. Be sure to bring a hairbrush, hair ties, bobby pins and hairspray.

  • Nutrition: What a dancer puts into her body is incredibly important, because she’ll need lots of energy without all the bad stuff. Be sure to pack a protein bar or other healthy snacks such as nuts or fruit, as well as a bottle of water.

  • Extra clothes: You may want an extra pair of tights or leotard (keep them in a plastic baggie for protection), a T-shirt, a sweatshirt, and extra undies (better to be safe than sorry!).

  • Shoes: Of course you’ll have to bring your dance shoes, such as ballet flats, tap shoes or jazz sneakers. But you’ll also want a pair of shoes that you can wear outdoors after practice. Keep them in a plastic bag as well, so as to avoid getting outside germs in your dance bag! Dancers should always wear high quality shoes, and you can find great comfortable Clarks shoes online or at the shop. This brand comes high recommended if you like to take care of your feet!

  • Towel: This is a little extra that makes a big difference. Whether you need to use it as a mat for stretching on a dusty surface, or to dry yourself after a shower, a towel can always come in handy when we are doing physical activities.

  • Miscellaneous: There are a few things that you could bring to make your life easier but are not an absolute necessity. This might include your phone charger, an umbrella and some reading material (probably your phone!). 

Once you’ve got all these things in your bag, you’ll be all set! But of course I couldn’t tell you all this without mentioning the most important thing: the bag! A great tote bag is crucial to being and feeling organized! Large tote bags with leather handles are best, and you can find some really trendy models by Lancaster and Longchamps, but you can also find some more affordable models online. Choose a bag that will hold everything you need from this list, and you’ll be unbeatable, on the stage and in your life!