5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Bone Density

Article published on Feb. 8, 2018
Article published on Feb. 8, 2018

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Bones are the support system of your body. It is the structure on which the entire body stands, therefore, it is a good idea to take care of your bone health. After the age of 30, the process of regeneration of cells, including bone cells, decline. This leads to a situation a condition where the rate of degeneration is higher than that of regeneration, resulting in a loss of bone density. Thus, past the age of 30s your bones are more vulnerable to deformities, diseases and even fracture. It is even more dangerous for menopausal women although elderly men are also at quite a risk. Therefore, it is important to bring about some lifestyle changes which will improve your bone density.

Stop your sugar consumption

Studies have shown that sugar is responsible for calcium depletion from the bones and an increase of calcium excretion. It is also a highly acidifying agent which increases the cortisol level and in turn, causes damaging effects to the bones and the cartilage. For an overall bone health, it is a wise idea to reduce the consumption of sugar.

Exercise and outdoors strong bones

If you have always been an exercise hater, this is bad news for you. Exercise helps you build stronger bones and muscles and slows down the aging of bones. The importance of natural sunlight cannot be more stressed on. It provides you with essential Vitamin D which has barely any other natural source. It helps in the absorption of calcium and conversion into bone tissues, thereby increasing bone mass. Start an outdoor exercise regime for strong bones.

Dairy for your dear bones

Milk and milk products are rich sources of natural calcium which can help you build stronger bones and protect them from diseases and weakness. As you reach your thirties increase your intake of milk and milk products such as curd, cheese etc. to make up for the bone loss that the body goes through. The additional calcium from dairy will be highly beneficial in maintaining your bone density, bone mass and better bone health.

Make minerals a must

Bone building minerals such as magnesium, phosphates etc. are important to maintain your bone health. As the age increases, the strength of the bones decline, resulting in weaker bones. In this situation, increase your consumption of leafy vegetables such as spinach, beans, seeds, nuts, whole grains, fish etc. are rich in these minerals. Taken regularly, they will supply you with the essential micronutrients that strengthen your bones.

Don’t forget supplements

As the body slows down the natural process of regeneration, supplements will go a long way in maintaining a better bone health. Supplements for calcium, micronutrients or hormone supplements such as Jintropin can be taken to strengthen your bones. These provide the additional help and support which normal diet and physical processes can’t offer, thereby making up for the decline of your bone health.

Strong bones are essential for a healthy body, especially in older age. It is important that you go for regular checkups and testing in case you have a family history of bone related illness. With the help of right habits, you can improve your bone health immensely and protect it for the future.