4 Reasons Why France’s Burkini Ban is Actually Good

Article published on Sept. 16, 2016
Article published on Sept. 16, 2016

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4 Reasons Why France’s Burkini Ban is Actually Good

I always thought the French were great at making cheese, pies, and kissing. Turns out I was slightly wrong; they’re good at imposing stupid bans as well! But you know what, popularizing the burkini just might actually be a good thing

More people get to know about Islamic clothing

Well, not that Islamic clothing is an alien concept to begin with, but still, a lot of people think that Islamic clothing for women is all about women being covered in black from head to toe and being tied in chains. They think of hijabs (and burkinis) as garments that are used to confine the freedom of women and suffocate them to death. On the contrary, France’s rather outrageous burkini ban only lends more substance to the assertion that clothes for Muslim women are not a chamber of damnation for their social and cultural freedom, but are in fact an extension of their freedom to be able to do what they will in society more freely. I mean, she feels reluctant to go to the beach because she doesn’t want to show off too much skin, but a burkini actually makes it possible for her to go out onto the shores as free as a bird. Yay, two very enthusiastic thumbs up for curtailing her freedom!

Women now know that the choice is in their hands

The French assault on burkinis can not only be seen as an assault on Muslims and Islamic culture, but it can also be viewed as an infringement on the rights of women when it comes to her choosing what she wants to wear on the beach or on the street. People normally don’t think about these things, but when they’re blown out of proportion on mass media, they actually do start thinking about it. Curiosity takes a rather interesting turn. And the bottom line is that what she wants to wear is eventually her choice. In lieu of France’s misplaced political priorities and harsh attempts to crush a woman’s choice, it wouldn’t be surprising to witness a ban on wearing pants and skirts to the park!

It’s good for business

The Lebanese-born, Australian woman who is responsible for creating the much controversial burkini claimed that sales of the Muslim-friendly swimsuit have actually sky-rocketed post the French love that it has received. Aheda Zanetti, 48, is reported to have stated "I wanted my girls to grow up to have that freedom of choice." So in an era of online clothing boutiques where everyone is seeking to differentiate their brand from the other, burkinis and other forms of Islamic clothing present a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in to build a profitable business with a unique selling point.  Shoe also added that it wasn’t just Muslims who bought the burkini, it was Christians, Hindus, Jews and Mormons as well. I wonder how many of those were French.

It’s actually healthy

Ok, so we all know about how bad the sun and its UV rays are for our skin. Rashes, allergies, sunburn, cancer, premature aging, the list practically goes on forever. Come to think about it, a burkini actually offers protection against most if not all of these problems. And if France thinks that it can protect a pro nudist culture by slapping a ban on the burkini, the restriction only helps to create more and more curiosity amongst the women about the hows, whats, and whys of the garment. Today, a handful of Muslim women might scour on France’s attempt to curb their ‘freedom,’ but tomorrow a number of French women might want to protect their skin and themselves against the wrath of the sun. Thank you France!