• Amsterdam Public Transport - Ever on Time?

    By on Jan. 26, 2013
    And when it comes, why do we have to be tortured by them? How many times in our lives we have problems with public transport? Probably hundreds, or even thousands, wherever we live. I lived in several cities, such as Sarajevo, Budapest or Belgrade, and in all of these cities I used public transport, but in Amsterdam I have the worst experience ever.
  • Bosnian barman: Amsterdam's multicultural pubs

    By on Jan. 21, 2013
    Why do we all go to pubs? What do they mean to us? Do we feel the best there? And what kind of characters we meet in the pubs? To answer some of my questions, maybe you can find through the several examples I will give you below.
  • Red Light district Amsterdam 

    By on Feb. 21, 2008
    Jabbering youth, strolling men and the smell of weed and hash; the women behind windows and the coffee shops in Amsterdam’s Red Light district attract a lot of visitors. Each year, over ten million tourists visit Amsterdam, also to stroll around the Red Light district. But for how long?
  • Us elections: Help for undecided voters

    By on Feb. 12, 2008
    Who would you vote for in the American primaries? Are you like many Americans undecided? The Electoral Compass USA may help you in making up your mind. By Thamar Zijlstra Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Hillary Clinton or rather Barack Obama? The battle for the political leadership of the Republican and Democratic party is still undecided.
  • mirage of Dutch Carnaval

    By on Feb. 7, 2008
    During Carnival even the most sensitive subjects are ridiculed. This year right-wing politician Geert Wilders and the influx of Poles are objects of scorn. Christiaan argues that this can have a purifying effect.