A través de Babel

  • A través de Babel...

    By on Sept. 23, 2009
    And they said one to another: «Go to, let us braid copper wire and build optic fiber». And so they did. And they said: «Go to, let us build us a virtual tower, whose top may reach unto every part of the world; lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.».
  • Under The Plastic [Random Acts of Reality]

    By on Sept. 21, 2009
    Under The Plastic [http://randomreality.blogware.com/blog/_archives/2009/1/20/4062994.html] All I can hear is the sound of traffic passing beneath me but I know that will soon change. I've parked the ambulance on the raised slipway where the accident has taken place. Two cars trying to take the same space space at the same time means that we have been called to help the driver of one of the cars.
  • The Origin of Our Food [The Pop-Up City]

    By on Sept. 21, 2009
    The Origin of Our Food [http://popupcity.