Giacomo Lariccia: Looking Ever Forward

By Tullio Filippone on Dec. 17, 2014

Interview with Giacomo Lariccia, the Italian émigré singer-songwriter who has lived for the past 14 years in Brussels and who has just released his third album Sempre Avanti ("Ever Onwards"). 

Silencing Spain: Government Passes Law to Stop Protests

By Cristina Maza on Dec. 16, 2014

As conservative political parties maintain their grip on politics in many European nations, Spain has once again proven itself as one of Europe's bastions of conservation. Behold the gag law, approved by Congrees, opposed by 82% of Spanish citizens. Welcome to a new Spanish order.

The Nostalgia of Others

By Katha Kloss Adrien le Coärer on Dec. 15, 2014

Grit your teeth and get it over with. This year was a nostalgic one. In general, it seemed, Europe preferred to look back than forward. The everyday life just looks so much better through a vintage filter. What Babelians are nostalgic about and what nostalgia of others gives them the creeps? We captured the mood of 2014.

Ciao, Bella: Young, Cool and Forced to Leave Italy

By Alessia Damiata on Dec. 5, 2014

The latest OECD data is clear: Italy doesn't invest enough in its young people. Although some big steps in social and economic development have been taken, youth continue to leave bella Italia for brighter horizons abroad.