In the World of Charlie

By Matthieu Amaré on Jan. 21, 2015

Even though most of our fellow citizens and our political leaders are calling for vigilance, it would be nice to partake in the prettiness conveyed by the demonstrations in support of Charlie Hebdo last weekend. Welcome to the the world of Charlie, where everything is pretty.

At Home with Comrade Stalin

By Anastasia Hammerschmied on Jan. 21, 2015

A cult of remembrance on two floors. In a museum in Joseph Stalin's hometown of Gori, the native Georgian is still celebrated.

Faced With Austerity, Belgian Citizens Imagine "Anything But This"

By Manon Legrand on Jan. 20, 2015

It appeared like a faint light on a very, very dark horizon. Tout Autre Chose – "Anything but this" – emerged on December 11th 2014, just a few days before the country's general strike. The strike was the grand finale of growing social tension in Belgium since its new centre-right government came into power.

Waiting for Mr. Turner

By Borja Rivero on Jan. 14, 2015

Mr. Turner (2014) is the perfect homage to the works of the British painter. It is his best virtue and worst defect, as it sacrifices cinematography for visuals. On top of its careful sensitivity for aesthetics, the movie highlights Timothy Spall’s acting, awarded the Golden Palm for best actor at Cannes.