Greece: A victory for the transgender community

By Safouane Abdessalem on Oct. 13, 2017

This week, Greece passed a law allowing citizens to choose their gender on their official identification documents. This reform sparked some outcries from the Orthodox church, who claimed that it was a “satanic act”. Who cares? We do, once again.

The future of young Cypriots in a Starbucks coffee cup

By George Tsangaris on Oct. 13, 2017

Before and even after the island was divided, Cyprus has had a strong folkloric history. From coffee reading, to burning olive leaves, to evil eye talismans; all kinds of traditions and superstitions are intricately woven in Cypriot culture. But what do these traditions mean to young Cypriots today?

Who cares? Public urinals are sexist in the Netherlands

By Lara Bullens on Sept. 29, 2017

Dutch women are pissed off. 23-year-old Geerte Piening was fined 90 Euros last week for peeing in public. Arguing that there weren't enough public toilets for women, she took her case to court. Conclusion? A huge feminist outcry in the country of tulips. 

Harmonica Creams: When Japan meets Celtic blues

By Laurence Le Maire on Sept. 4, 2017

Between bodhráns and bagpipes, a Japanese band has dedicated their body and soul to Irish music. With four albums that nestled in the Japanese charts, Harmonica Creams has become somewhat of a reference in the land of the rising sun. We sat down with the band’s leader in Paris to find out why.