Alsarah: "I'm not an activist, but I sing to the activists"

By Phil W. Bayles on Sept. 29, 2016

Forced to leave her native Sudan at a very young age, Sarah Mohamed Abunama-Elgadi - better known as Alsarah - uses music as a way to stay connected to her heritage and culture. As her band, the Nubatones, release their latest album, we talk to Alsarah about what it's like to sing in Arabic to a Western audience.

Alexander Van der Bellen: "A stable Europe is vital"

By Katha Kloss on Sept. 29, 2016

It was a nail-biting moment: economist and former leader of the Green Party, Alexander Van der Bellen, emerged from the May elections as the President-elect of Austria after winning a narrow victory against the right-wing populist candidate, Norbert Hofer. A December do-over is now looming after complaints of vote-counting irregularities and improperly sealed and handled postal votes.

Mapping out Europe: The burqa debate rages on

By Matthieu Amaré on Sept. 26, 2016

Governments across Europe are talking about the burqa once again. Although very few countries have officially banned the burqa in public places, many are starting to discuss taking this step in the future. Our interactive map shows how the debate is heating up across Europe. 

#NoSizeFitsAll: The rise of body-positive fashion

By Gwenno Edwards on Sept. 20, 2016

As it has many times before, this year's London Fashion Week has brought with it plenty of controversy over its unreasonable and unattainable standards of beauty. We look at some of the small start-ups who are fighting back by presenting women with models who actually look like them.