Behind the Birch trees, another world

By cafebabel pl on March 27, 2015

This Polish farm is trying to link organic farmers and city consumers.

With small-scale farmers barely surviving in Poland, the new co-operative model promoted by activists is giving them a lifeline as well as introducing fresh fruit and veg to city residents.

Rebelling against the neoliberal university

By Andrew Stones on March 24, 2015

Higher education across Europe is becoming increasingly marketised. Universities are becoming centres for profit rather than education.

Recent events at universities in England and the Netherlands have shown that students are trying to push back against this tide of bureaucracy and unaccountability.

Nom nom nom: Vegetarian cooking for dummies

By Viral Shah on March 19, 2015

As a culinarily-challenged Englishman who’s also a vegetarian, living in Paris and regularly cooking decent meals can be challenge. Here are some basic meal ideas that I’ve stumbled upon for others who may enter the kitchen with confusion and sometimes, trepidation.

Combo: "I do dangerous things"

By Manon Valère on March 16, 2015

Yes, he fights for his ideals, but not just with any weapons. Combo's selection of tools includes spray paint, photos, glue, and walls. The street artist, attacked for his pacifist work "CoeXisT" in which he combines symbols from the three monotheistic religions, explains his struggle.