Crafting a Revolution: The Rise of Craft Brewing in Europe

By Daniel Stächelin on Oct. 20, 2014

In the 6,000 years since beer's existence, brewing practices have radically changed. While some breweries still like to toot the horn of tradition, such as with the Beer Purity Laws in Germany, consumers in recent years have leaned towards innovation and variety. An exploration of Europe's changing tastes.

Playlist of the Week: Hotumn

By Kait Bolongaro on Oct. 17, 2014

As the seasons slowly shift, the world outside becomes more dreary. Hearts harden, love withers, as melancholy re-establishes its tyrannic reign over humanity. Alas, do not despair! Here is our ode to the fairest season, yet most despised, of all.

Why the Spanish Government is Giving in on Abortion

By Julia Faure on Oct. 7, 2014

Spain is abandoning its draconian bill on abortion which threatened women's and young girls' health, dignity and lives. But why has the government suddenly given in? Here's the real story behind the very necessary scrapping of this bill.

Brussels Reception Leaves Cañete Feeling The Heat

By susanna arus on Oct. 7, 2014

Juncker’s nominee for the post of Commissioner of Climate Action and Energy is in the crosshairs of the members of the European Parliament, who have the power to reject his nomination to the European Commission by deeming him “unsuitable' and requesting his replacement.