London calling for Schiele censorship

By Antinea Radomska on Dec. 8, 2017

“Sorry. 100 years old but still too daring today.” London and Berlin have suddenly become quite chaste. When Vienna wanted to advertise the anniversary of iconic painter Egon Schiele with four nude paintings in Germany and the UK, both cities suddenly decided to censor art that’s a 100 years old. Too sexy for 2018? Really?

Greek youth: When Facebook trumps traditional media

By Maria-Christina Doulami on Dec. 6, 2017

Young people in Greece no longer watch the news. At least not often, and they are not ashamed to say it. The general consensus among young Greeks is that the Fourth Estate is no longer trustworthy; it is only used to spread fear so that politicians behind the media corporations can get their way. But if they read the news selectively and full of doubt, how do they stay informed?

Björk, Gramatik and Bitcoins: Fuck the system?

By Matthieu Amaré on Dec. 1, 2017

The two European artists are riding the Bitcoin hype by asking their fans to start using cryptocurrencies. Their goal? To revolutionise the musical industry and show the entire world that digital money is the future. 

Meet My Hood: Amsterdam-Noord

Everybody talks about what Amsterdam-Noord used to be and how it has changed, for better or for worse. What was once a neighbourhood for sailors, merchants and craftsmen has become the newest escape from the madding crowds in the city's centre. With a heavy influx of new hip bars and students looking for cheap housing, will the neighbourhood be able to keep its true roots?