Jean-Baptiste: Volunteer at Cabourg, Mon Amour festival

[VIDEO] Jean-Baptiste is in charge of the volunteers at Cabourg, Mon Amour festival in Normandy. What is it like to manage a group of young volunteers? What are their motivations? What does volunteering mean? JB explains it all, his feet buried in the sand. 

[VIDEO] Shame: Hamburg, festivals and canapés

By Lara Bullens on Aug. 10, 2017

"My favourite city is Hamburg, because you can smoke cigarettes inside." There is no better quote to sum up Shame, the alt-rock band from South London. Hamburg's dark side, its red light district and bustling streets made them fall in love with the city. But it's a shame they put on such wild shows, because Tony Visconti and canapés don't really do much for them. Neither does the Beatles effect.

Nikki Mattocks: "Social media is a blessing and a curse"

By Ophelie Martin on Aug. 10, 2017

At the age of six, Nikki Mattocks was telling her mother she didn’t want to be on this planet anymore. But when life gave her lemons, she threw them in the bin and became a mental health advocate. A story from the UK on youth, pain, recovery and the dangers of social media. 

Hamburg G20: "Welcome to hell"

By Mick ter Reehorst on July 11, 2017

"Whose streets? Our streets! Whose streets? Our streets!" The protesters might have tried their best to state their case, but Hamburg was completely taken over by police in the days surrounding the G20 Summit. Empty avenues, omnipresent police vans and helicopters; the city was transformed. "Welcome to Hell".