[VIDEO] Is Europe addicted to unpaid internships?

By Lara Bullens on April 10, 2018

Free labour is a great way to cut budgets and save money. But unpaid internships are economic barriers that exclude the less privileged from the arts, media and politics. Amalia Illgner, a UK-based freelance writer, decided to sue her internship employer for unpaid wages. Should we be doing the same?

Happiness apps: The solution to my millennial malaise?

By Bianca Ferrari on April 4, 2018

Everyone who knows me knows that I am one cynical cookie. But recent events in my personal life have put a serious strain on my general well being, so I wanted to learn how to take back control when things overwhelmed me. As any true millennial would do, I asked myself: can my smartphone help me? 

Boycotting: Putting power back in the hands of consumers

By Charles Duprez on April 3, 2018

It’s easy to feel helpless. Even if documentaries on scandals surrounding major brands such as LIDL and Haribo cause outrage, citizens find themselves stuck without a solution as soon as they turn off their TVs. Still, civic engagement platforms and activists are proving that boycotting has an impact. We spoke to the individuals who stop at nothing. 

Sexism: Why German cinema is done getting dolled up

By Julia Korbik on March 12, 2018

As one of the largest film festivals in Europe, the Berlinale faced a new challenge this year: how to tackle the #MeToo debate. It wasn’t easy, but they managed. Here’s how.