European Masterminds: 21st Century Inventions

By Katha Kloss on Sept. 30, 2014

Test-tube apples, living bricks and croissants with wake-up call function – sounds like science fiction, right? But it’s not. With an eye on the European Researchers’ Night 2014, which took place on 26 September, Cafébabel presents to you Europe’s youngest boffins and their inventions.

Nigel Farage: Coming out of the European closet?

By Kait Bolongaro on Sept. 26, 2014

In an unlikely turn of events, eurosceptic Nigel Farage has proclaimed his love for all things European in a clip promoting the Ryder Cup. Is he coming out of the European closet?

Cross-Border Identities: In a World of Shape-Shifters

By Daniel Stächelin on Sept. 24, 2014

I'm German and American by birth, yet don't feel at home anywhere. Caught in a liminal space between cultures and ideas, I drift between identities, never finding one I could call my own. But isn't it better that way?

Paco de Lucía, Six Strings of Genius

By Manu Tomillo on Sept. 20, 2014

When Paco de Lucía died earlier this year, it became colder and the music world more lonely. But the Maestro will always return, to make us smile, to set our beat with his guitar.