Behind the numbers: Snapchat hits 6 billion daily views

By Cafébabel IT on Nov. 25, 2015

YouTube and Facebook aren’t the only giants of the video sharing world. Instant messaging applications such as Snapchat are holding their own in the continuing march of progress towards an “Internet of video”. 

Islam does not equal ISIS: Re-establishing the obvious

By Simone Benazzo on Nov. 24, 2015

Countering the equivalence between ISIS and Islam is not only a form of respect towards the majority of Muslims, equally horrified and frightened by the actions of jihadists. Combating Islamophobia is above all the most effective way to avoid being paralysed by terror.

France invokes EU mutual defence clause for the first time   

By euro topics on Nov. 18, 2015

Paris called for military support from the EU states and invoked the Treaty of Lisbon on Tuesday evening to counter the terrorist threat. New methods are needed in the war against the IS terrorist organisation, write some commentators. Others point to the risks associated with activating the mutual defence clause. 

Paris attacks in pictures: Darkness in the City of Light

The Spanish photographer César Dezfuli was on a spontaneous visit in Paris for the 19th edition of the "Paris Photo" event. Never would he have thought that the City of Light would be living through one of its darkest moments in history. Here's what he saw through his lens during the attacks of the 13th of November, as well as it's aftermath.