Macerata, Italy: The birthplace of a new anti-racist front

On February 10th, masses gathered in Macerata for a titanic anti-fascist and anti-racist demonstration. Fifteen thousand people took to the streets in reaction to a shooting that wounded six migrants, all at the hands of right-wing extremist Luca Traini. One thing is certain: an anti-racist front is being reborn in Italy. And they want to be heard. 

From meat-eating fitness freak to fruitarian

By Cafebabel ENG Dilara Erikli on Feb. 15, 2018

For Mees Vullings, there is no such thing as a forbidden fruit. In fact, fruit is the very core of his diet. But how did this young Dutchman go from meat-eating bodybuilder to fruitarian in just three years? Like most great stories, it all began with a cat.

[VIDEO] Macedonia vs Greece: One name, many histories

Last Sunday, hundreds of thousands of Greeks took to the streets to protest the name of their neighbour's country: Macedonia. This may seem absurd, but the conflict has been around for centuries, and the histories of Alexander the Great, Yugoslavia and the European Union are resurfacing all at once. Our 'Who Cares' of the week.

London calling for Schiele censorship

By Antinea Radomska on Dec. 8, 2017

“Sorry. 100 years old but still too daring today.” London and Berlin have suddenly become quite chaste. When Vienna wanted to advertise the anniversary of iconic painter Egon Schiele with four nude paintings in Germany and the UK, both cities suddenly decided to censor art that’s a 100 years old. Too sexy for 2018? Really?