Xavier Rudd: keeping the aboriginal spirit alive

By Matthieu Amaré on July 29, 2015

Now 37, the Australian songwriter has released 9 different albums that all have one thing in common: the spirit involved. Guided by a force that comes from his father’s heritage, Xavier Rudd plays music because “he has been chosen to do so.” An interview - somewhere above the ocean between Bob Marley and a red-tailed black cockatoo. 

Europe Tomorrow: hunting for Europe's best innovations

By Viral Shah on July 29, 2015

Meet Europe Tomorrow, three social entrepreneurs embarking on a project to unearth Europe’s best social and environmental innovations as they seek to develop a sustainable society.

Why did Austria take the "right" way out of the refugee crisis?

By Viktoria Penz on July 24, 2015

In Austria, the clocks tick a little differently. According to some people's preconceptions, everything happens in the alpine republic a little more slowly, including in the political and societal realms. Along with Hungary, Austria is the only country that isn't participating in relocating the 40,000 refugees currently situated in Italy and Greece across the EU.

Behind the numbers: EU lobbyists and TTIP

By Naiara Reig Pellicer on July 22, 2015

This week we got our hands on data released the Corporate Europe Observatory, an organisation dedicated to monitoring and exposing the influence of lobbyists in the EU, in the meetings held behind closed doors by the members of the European Commission. The results warn of the existence of a "paradise for lobbies".