[VIDEO] Sônge x Brussels

She's 24, she's already released her first EP, and she sees colours when she hears music. Sônge is a beatmaker who knows what's up. We spoke to her about her favourite European city and, well, it ended up being the capital of the continent. 

Ecosia: Business for the greater good

By Natacha Lescart on June 21, 2017

Ecosia is a web search engine where you can search for anything you want. Like any other search engine, it earns its profits from advertising. But Ecosia is unique because every month, it invests at least 80% of its profits into planting trees. And have the seeds planted been growing since they started in 2009? Absolutely. 

[VIDEO] What the fuck Europe: Papillons de Nuit

Europe doesn’t belong in music festivals, said no one ever. During Papillons de Nuit, we decided to ask juicy questions on a multi-speed Europe and JC Juncker to beautifully drunk and young festivalgoers. Weird? Nahhhh.

The end of roaming charges

By euro topics on June 15, 2017

"Roam like at home" will apply across the EU starting today, Thursday. Those who travel abroad will no longer have to pay additional charges to use their mobile phones for normal calls. Most users and consumer protection agencies see this as good news, but there are also others rubbing their hands in glee, Europe's commentators point out.