Environmental Shopping — New Hype in Vienna

By Alexandra Kuderski on Nov. 17, 2014

Lunzers Maß-Greißlerei, the first packaging-free grocery store in Austria, seduced youngsters on the lookout for healthier and more sustainable ways of consumption, as well as older people who can still remember such shops from their youth.

Playlist of the Week: Rebel Notes

By Matthieu Amaré on Nov. 14, 2014

Music is practically born in the streets. Over time, some musical movements even decided to go back to their roots to become the means of expression for several disgruntled generations. We definitely needed a playlist to honour the protests that have shaken up Europe over the past few years.

Scandinavia's Magic Recipe for Gender Equality

By Mila Damyanoska on Nov. 14, 2014

[Opinion] Last week, the World Economic Forum released the Global Gender Gap Report. Surprise, surprise: Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark took home top honours for providing the highest degree of gender equality. What is the secret behind their magic recipe for gender equality?

Could a 'River' Lead Greece's Political Clean-up?

By Ignacio Prados Ansede on Nov. 10, 2014

One of the best known Greek journalists, Stavros Theodorakis, has tried his hand in politics and founded The River, this season’s breakout party in the Hellenic Republic. Pro-Europeanism and the rejection of traditional party politics are some of the qualities which characterise it, but its supposed rejuvenating message is not immune to its own share of criticism and scepticism.