The 'republican football jersey' in Spain sparks debate

By Álvaro García Ruiz on Nov. 10, 2017

An optical illusion causes the blue stripe on Spain's new national football jersey to appear purple. Physics is playing a trick on Adidas, whose jersey has sparked a countrywide debate. Many Spaniards are criticising the shirt, saying that it resembles the flag of the Second Republic. Football is not always eleven against eleven, and it's not always Germany who wins... right Adidas?

Catalonia: The day my grandfather talked my ear off

By Samuel García on Nov. 7, 2017

My grandfather, like all Spanish men, is a man of few words. But this didn't stop him from bombarding me with questions about Catalonia the other day. What's going on? Has there been a referendum? What is Article 155? This time around, I was the one left speechless. 

European street art in the working-class nooks of Marseille

By Katha Kloss Antinea Radomska on Nov. 6, 2017

Once a year, during the Travellings festival, European art takes over the Aygalades neighbourhood in Marseille. It's a unique opportunity for street artists and those living in the working-class neighbourhood to cross paths.

Sicilian clichés found in the trunk of a Skoda

Good afternoon, Europe! Guess what? Sicily is not all about mafia, pizza and spaghetti. So when a French automobile magazine comes out with a commercial for the new Skoda Karoq where a man is tied up in the trunk of the car, it's not okay. Unfortunately, much of Europe is trying to get rid of its clichés, and Sicily is no exception.