Austria waits for election results: A new divided Europe?

By euro topics on May 23, 2016

The results of the presidential election in Austria are so close that the outcome now depends on postal ballots. The election thriller has already triggered a broad debate. Commentators see it as proof of how deeply divided the country has become and note that Europe's far right will be rubbing its hands in glee.

Map of the Week: The European music charts

By Matthieu Amaré on May 20, 2016

Eurovision is over for another year, and with it go a whole host of pop hits you’ll never hear again. Don’t panic Europe! You can always turn to whatever is top of the charts in your country. These are titles you’ll hear over and over again, pretty much constantly, until you know them by heart whether you like it or not. So, who’s top of the euro-pops?

Fossil fuels: Young climate activists want to "Break Free"

By Giselle Bernard on May 20, 2016

In conference rooms around the world, greying diplomats and academics are asking: "How do we get young people involved in climate change?" Yet if we take a look outside of the conference rooms, it's easy to see that young people are already taking action. The Break Free campaign, which organises demonstrations aimed at keeping fossil fuels in the ground, is a prime example.

[VIDEO] Cafébabel: 15 years and still going strong

By Anthony Papadimitriu on May 10, 2016

Cafébabel is 15 years old! When we sat down to discuss how best to celebrate this glorious event, we weren't short of ideas. An interview with Queen Elizabeth II on the subject of Brexit? A rooftop party at European Parliament? An #EUtoo report beamed down from the moon? We finally settled on the magic of film! Here it is, made especially for Babelians everywhere: our anniversary video.