Europe sleeps while Poland holds procession of hatred 

By Antinea Radomska cafébabel FR on Nov. 17, 2017

Last Saturday, 60,000 people marched through Warsaw for what ended up being the largest nationalist protest in Europe for years. It's a two hour flight from here, and people were heard chanting "Pure Poland, White Poland". How the hell did we get to this?

Meet My Hood: Flagey, Brussels

By Isaure Magnien Anaëlle Girard on Nov. 16, 2017

The biggest square of the Belgian capital, situated in the south-east of Brussels, is not easy to define. It’s festive and multicultural, young and historic, in the middle of a district that - despite its gentrification - manages to keep its authenticity. How? Follow our guide and find out.

Valaire: Holes, plums, zombies and Bozouls

Plums, the ‘Café de la Mairie’ and zombies. These are the three main reasons why Valaire, the electro-pop band from Quebec, have chosen Bozouls in France as their favourite European city. Located in the Aveyron region, Bozouls is a village that runs 100 metres deep. Here’s our hole-y interview.

The 'republican football jersey' in Spain sparks debate

By Álvaro García Ruiz on Nov. 10, 2017

An optical illusion causes the blue stripe on Spain's new national football jersey to appear purple. Physics is playing a trick on Adidas, whose jersey has sparked a countrywide debate. Many Spaniards are criticising the shirt, saying that it resembles the flag of the Second Republic. Football is not always eleven against eleven, and it's not always Germany who wins... right Adidas?