Gangsta Rap Can Be Political

By Christina Heuschen on April 14, 2014

Objectification of women, homophobia and violence: all too often rap only has discriminatory potential. That it can be done differently is demonstrated by The political online-casting show offers young people a platform to be socially critical and engage in a political dialogue. Who is the best political rapper in Germany?

Streetwork: Helping Kids in Krakow's Roughest Neighbourhood

By Cafebabel ENG Paul Sinka on April 14, 2014

Growing up is a complex matter in any part of the world. So what happens to those who come from troubled families, kids who cannot rely on their family and whose only guidance comes from the streets? In Krakow a team of professionally trained workers are showing young people that there is an alternative to life on the streets.

Foreign Languages Butchered in British Schools

By Sam Bell on April 14, 2014

The number of British children learning foreign languages is plumbing record lows. A former wannabe language teacher describes how the language learning system sapped her passion and drove her out of teaching. What on earth is going on in British schools?

Royal Rumble: EU Monarchs behaving badly

By Aaron Lewin on April 14, 2014

In the EU, seven constitutional monarchies have survived waves of republicanism to remain at the head of their country’s establishment today. However, as many politicians have proven over recent years, those in charge don’t always follow the rules they set. A regal title doesn’t necessarily mean regal behaviour. Let’s take a look at a few monarchs behaving badly.