In search of lost time: The Jewish community in Wrocław  

By Nevena Borisova on Aug. 24, 2016

The White Stork synagogue in Wrocław was the only synagogue in the city to survive the Holocaust. Restored in 2010 after a decade-long renovation, it now serves as a cultural centre for the city's Jewish community. But how much do people really remember of what happened here during the war? 

Behind the Numbers: 325 medals for Team Europe

By Katarzyna Piasecka on Aug. 24, 2016

If all the EU countries had entered the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio as one team, they would have won the whole event.

Map of the Week: How safe are Europe's trans people?

By Phil W. Bayles on Aug. 23, 2016

Istanbul's LGBT community mourned the murder of a transgender woman this month, but it's far from an isolated incident. Now, new research has shown the places in Europe where transgender people face the most serious threats on their lives. 

Dancing with the (political) stars

By Katharina Kramer on Aug. 22, 2016

Britain's former Justice Secretary Michael Gove famously said that people are "sick of experts", and political campaigns across the world are being dominated by figures whose personalities are valued over their policies. Are we facing a crisis of democracy? [OPINION]