Map of the Week: Europe is getting greener 

By Phil W. Bayles on July 26, 2016

Most of Europe was scorching last week, but new scientific evidence presented to the United Nations suggests that we've made great progress in limiting the damage to our planet.

Barroso and the European Commission's "revolving doors"

By Laura Lepretre on July 25, 2016

The announcement that former European Commission president José Manuel Barroso would be joining American banking firm Goldman Sachs International resounded like a thunderclap across the EU - to the point where members of the European Parliament are demanding sanctions against him. Could it happen?

Suuns: In orbit with Canada's electronic-rock globetrotters

By Aubry Touriel on July 22, 2016

Electronic rockers from Canada, the four members of Suuns gave their second appearance at Dour Festival this year. We caught up with Liam, the band's drummer, who spun us a story that spans the globe. The band last toured Europe during a tumultuous 2015, and are back to light up Belgium's festival scene. Grab your shades, and don't stare at the sun too long.

Map of the Week: A dozen destinations for Euro 2020

By Ana Valiente on July 19, 2016

The French may be licking their wounds after their defeat at the hands of the Portuguese in the Euro 2016 final, but thoughts are already turning to the next championship. This time there’s a twist: Euro 2020 won’t have one single host country, but 12.