France's pro-EU presidential candidates are doing eff-all to stop the FN

By Matthieu Amaré on March 22, 2017

It took Marine Le Pen all of 90 seconds to rip the European Union to shreds in a televised presidential debate on Monday, in front of an audience of 10 million people. The silence from the other candidates was deafening. [OPINION]

Exploring Europe's taste in porn

By Antoine Vergely on March 21, 2017

Porn video streaming platform Pornhub has published its annual report of visitor statistics, laying bare the sexual fantasies of internet users across Europe. Here are the hard facts.

The women of Ribnovo - the last of the Pomaks

By Antoaneta Roussi on March 17, 2017

High in the mountains of Bulgaria lies the village of Ribnovo, whose population is overwhelmingly Pomak: a group of Bulgarian-speaking Muslims whose traditions date back to the Ottoman Empire. The mayor estimates that around 70% of the working male population have left to find work in western Europe, leaving the women to make do by themselves.

Ya iz Berlina: Natalia Smolentceva's Berliner Alphabet

By Varvara Morozova on March 7, 2017

Berlin is well known for its creative allure and cultural spirit, which attract artists from all over the world. Natalia Smolentceva has felt this call, too. The Russian illustrator tells cafébabel about her own love affair with the German capital, and her art project Berliner Alphabet.