Facing prejudice in the Bucharest job market

By Cafebabel ENG Lorelei Mihala on May 28, 2015

One in five young people – around 5.5 million citizens – in the EU are unable to find work; many more do jobs for which they are overqualified.

Youth unemployment regularly hits the headlines across Europe – but what are the stories behind the statistics?

The fifth article of a multi-part report from Bucharest and London:

"Thanato-technologies": messages from the afterlife

By Chiara Morellato on May 28, 2015

Laura is 56 years old. Until 2011, she ran a bar. She did not use a computer and did not have a Facebook account. Today, she doesn’t own the bar anymore; she sold it. She has learned to use the computer and the first thing she does in the morning is turn on her laptop, place it on the kitchen table and enter her login and password. Laura is a mother. Giulia, her daughter, died five years ago.

Orhan Pamuk's Museum of Innocence

By Cafebabel ENG Nevena Borisova on May 27, 2015

The Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk selected exactly this scarlet house, dating back from the 19th century, for his museum. We explore this beautiful building, located in the midst of overflowing antique shops street in the Istanbul quarter of Çukurcuma (cats above and gulls below, this is the default symmetry of the Turkish capital):

What on earth is going on in Macedonia?

By Ivo Bosilkov on May 26, 2015

Something is stirring in the Macedonian capital Skopje. Protests and counter-protests, a wiretap scandal, corruption and police brutality.

Ivo Bosilkov breaks the situation down for us: