The Paris Cat Café: Le Café Des Chats

By Joel Lewin on April 18, 2014

I have never been so fond of cats. They are the animal equivalent of the gold digger, all take take take. Or perhaps the prostitute provides a better analogy; cats let people touch them for material gain, but for food rather than cash. I prefer the authentic fidelity of the canis familiaris. But I am very open-minded to say the least, so I went to the Café des Chats in Paris’ 3rd arrondissement

Bombay Bicycle Club: An Interview

By Joel Lewin Jasper Finkeldey on April 18, 2014

The band from London are buzzing after their fourth album, So Long, See You Tomorrow topped the charts in the UK. Cafébabel spoke to singer-songwriter Jack Steadman about the new album, Bollywood, Eastern influences and tiny rooms in Tokyo.

Fighting For Clean Air In Krakow

By Cafebabel ENG Jelena Prtoric on April 18, 2014

Krakow is the sec­ond largest city in Poland. It's one of the country's tourist centres, with charming churches, mu­se­ums, cafés and bars. But it also holds also the less flat­ter­ing title of one of the most pol­luted cities in Eu­rope. But thanks to a civil ini­tia­tive fight­ing air pol­lu­tion, the next gen­er­a­tion of Krakowians might be breath­ing bet­ter air.

#6 MEPs... Say What!? Tweets of the Week

By Joel Lewin Jasper Finkeldey on April 16, 2014
Who says EU politicians are a bunch of faceless bureaucrats? They're people just like us, and here's the proof. Each week Cafébabel brings you a selection of the weirdest, whackiest and most touching Tweets from European parliamentary candidates. We'll bring you bright ideas, brilliance and loonies, and reasons to vote in the May elections.