Rape: Are justice systems struggling in Europe?

By Ana Valiente on May 11, 2018

Court rulings on rape are still controversial, often resulting in the justice system clashing with popular opinion. The conviction of five members of "La Manada" (The Wolfpack) for abuse and not rape unleashed fury in Spain. Here's why. 

Shaggy and Sting: My half hour with a baffling duo

By Frank Andrews on April 20, 2018

Good things come to those who wait. While none of us were particularly waiting for it, Shaggy and Sting have just released an album together. In anticipation of this newfound and slightly puzzling bromance, one of our journalists interviewed the duo for what ended up being a very surreal half hour. 

Life as a white hat: My day with an ethical hacker 

By Francesca Candioli on April 19, 2018

The world of hackers is no longer solely inhabited by malicious cyber pirates, but also by individuals who use their technological skills to increase collective security and protect the online community. They are called white hats, Internet slang for ethical hackers. To see what they keep under their hats, we went to meet one in Bologna.

Protesting in Poland: An endless uphill struggle

By Voices Of Change on April 16, 2018

In July 2017, masses in Poland took to the streets to protest judicial reforms. Since 2016, Poles have been mobilising time and time again to express their rage against the restriction of abortion laws. Protesting in Poland is tiresome to say the least. Will the country’s youth hold on until the 2019 parliamentary elections?