Albrecht House: For the Love of Art

By Isabel Val on July 27, 2014

Artists and music lovers are sharing their time, effort and money to restore the ramshackle house that once belonged to the musicians Albert and Jan Albrecht. The reason behind it: to give Bratislava a new space for music. Many may think differently, but not everything is done for business. 

Seville: Dance Classes in the Time Bank

By cafébabel DE Lisa Braamt on July 21, 2014

The Tri­ana dis­trict in Seville is al­legedly the cra­dle of fla­menco. Today, peo­ple are tak­ing dance classes here in a bank. In the time bank, ser­vices are ex­changed for oth­ers. I vis­ited the bank in Seville to see whether it works and I didn't have to bring any money to do so. 

Cameron's Cull: Reshuffled off this mortal coil

By Joel Lewin on July 16, 2014

In his last reshuffle before the 2015 election, David Cameron carried out a mass cull of middle aged white men, trying to detoxify the Conservative's old boys image with a few female faces. But thanks to Cameron's tinkering, Britain now finds itself with a eurosceptic foreign minister, an anti-equality equalities minister and an anti-green energy environment minister...